This industrial-style 4-room flat has a unique hanging light bulb feature

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The first thing that strikes you when you enter this 990sqf four-room HDB apartment in Bukit Panjang is its three rows of exposed light bulbs hanging from black electrical tracks.

"The theme we wanted is that of a modern and industrial loft," says homeowner AJ Fong, explaining the no-frills illumination fixture.

The bulbs are divided into sections - dining space, sofa, TV console, and bedroom corridor - each with its own switch control. Design consultant Nora Theresia from Spacious Planners was engaged to help the couple realise the home of their desires.

Industrial-style home with a unique hanging light bulb feature

  • The monochromatic canvas of the interiors is the perfect foil to the riot of colour from the bold red sofa, accessories and artwork.
  • Polaroid pictures of the couple's wedding day are hung up on the white "brick" wall. The wall is actually painted with epoxy, and given a special texture for the resultant effect.
  • The husband's collectible figurines are displayed on the TV console.
  • Instead of cove lighting, rows of hanging light bulbs create a design feature that sets the industrial tone here.
  • A shower screen was added in the grey-hued bathroom to separate the wet and dry areas.
  • The kitchen underwent the biggest change. The top half of the wall hacked open out the space, and the floor was laid over with new tiles. A long breakfast counter was created in the galley-style space with a blackboard above it for the couple's creative scribbles.
  • The shelf above the study table is a spot for cartoon character figurines.
  • PVC plastic pipes are used for the light track as they are easier to bend. The pipes were then painted black.
  • The couple's collection of figurines, comic books, vodka bottles and collectible drink cans reflects their personality in the study.
  • These black-and-white typographic posters complement the home's monochromatic scheme.
  • Only placed on one side of the bed, the grey bedside table comes in handy.
  • The DIY Post-it "art-work" on the wall of the master bedroom conveys a heartfelt romantic message.

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