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INEX -- the First Vertical Exchange for Digital Assets Targeting the Pan-entertainment Industry has Launched

INEX -- the First Vertical Exchange for Digital Assets Targeting the Pan-entertainment Industry has Launched

SHANGHAI, June 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Influence Exchange (abbreviated as INEX) ( is a trading platform for digital assets built by Influence Chain. It launched at 14:00 on June 27, 2018 Beijing Time. As the first vertical exchange targeting the pan-entertainment industry, INEX will select candidate projects for trading based on the value of their influence, to make influence a precisely quantified and tradable entity.  

An exchange dedicated to a vertical industry is more aligned to the industry's need for standardization

INEX -- the First Vertical Exchange for Digital Assets Targeting the Pan-entertainment Industry Has Launched
INEX -- the First Vertical Exchange for Digital Assets Targeting the Pan-entertainment Industry Has Launched

Since the trading platforms for digital currencies came into being, and after several years of reshuffling and development, they have gradually evolved into two main categories: first-generation and second-generation. The first-generation exchanges are led by a small number of giants. They are mainly characterized by a big user base, and various types of projects trade on them. The first-generation exchanges arguably generated a capital carnival. The second-generation exchanges are mainly characterized by high user stickiness. They create a high trading volume by offering various benefits. Arguably, the second-generation exchanges represent a big step forward in serving their users.   

Commenting on the philosophy for creating INEX, Rain Huan, founder of Influence Chain, said: "We believe that the new-generation exchanges will be more aligned with the healthy development of vertical industries, and only by being more focused and more specialized can they provide better services as well as a safe, high-quality and sustainable trading environment for projects and users." He added, "A focus on the vertical industry is very likely to become the main characteristic of the third-generation exchanges."

INEX will be divided into two trading areas: one area for mainstream tokens and a vertical trading area for the pan-entertainment industry. In the vertical trading area for the pan-entertainment industry, the key to value assessment will lie in influence. On the one hand, the candidate projects themselves need to have a certain influence, and their influence will be best digitized, quantified and promoted on the exchange's platform; and on the other hand, the influence also acts on INC users, which is reflected in the fact that the users have a sufficient say in determining the influence of projects in this area.

Holding tokens to earn interest with the first digital bank model

Creating as stable a return as possible for traders is another major characteristic of INEX. Holding tokens to earn interest is different from the recent trading model, i.e. the mining mechanism. Holding tokens to earn interest just requires the users to hold INC tokens to be entitled to have a 50% share of the total trading fees (on all types of tokens) generated hourly by INEX. This equates to the fact that INEX has for the first time creatively integrated the saving-for-interest model of traditional banks: you can put your INC tokens on INEX to earn a growing interest from all types of tokens involved in trading. The aim of this model is to provide greater protection for the interests of the users.

On the first day when INEX launched, the ETH/INC trading pairs will be available for trade. SFI/INC and FTV/INC will be online but not open to trade yet. Meanwhile, in order to better reward INC users both old and new, from 14:00 of June 27 to 14:00 of June 30, each of the newly registered users or each of the users who have already registered but log in for the first time will receive 10 INC tokens as a bonus, and each of those who are verified using their real name will receive 20 INC tokens as a bonus.  

Creating an influence-based digital economy ecosystem with multiple lines of product

In order to further refine the INEX project screening mechanism, so as to create a more standardized influence-based digital economy ecosystem, Influence Chain has formed several lines of product revolving on INEX.  

The first includes the Influence Index, which was first announced earlier at the Huayi Brothers Fashion Pop event. Every candidate project will be assessed by the index system. Only projects with a general influence score meeting the preset standard can be launched on the platform for trading. After they are launched, their Influence Index score will also be used as an important reference by means of which users will choose projects.  

The second includes the Influence Node, which is created in order to regulate the influence ecosystem in a way that is more open and fair. Unlike the nodes used in recruitment by the issuers of previous projects, Influence Node will have more seats open to organizations not in the digital coin's circle, such as management companies, production companies, and creative companies in the pan-entertainment industry. They will supervise the projects launched by INEX, and they will also have the authority to recommend appropriate projects for assessment by the Influence Index. 

The third includes the Influence Lab, which provides consulting service for project owners. Some INEX candidate projects may be the first crossover projects between the pan-entertainment industry and the digital currency industry. The Influence Lab will provide consulting focusing on the digital economy.

All these INEX extensions are designed to serve the basic purpose of INEX, aiming to create a more open and transparent trading ecosystem by integrating resources and technical specifications. INEX will serve as the representative of the new-generation exchanges to provide sustainable trading services for users and projects through more specialized and more focused operations.

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