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Infinitus Harnesses eCommerce to Offer Greater Direct Selling Opportunities for Partners

Infinitus Harnesses eCommerce to Offer Greater Direct Selling Opportunities for Partners

GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ahead of key eCommerce festivals such as 11.11 and Black Friday, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd ("Infinitus"), a purveyor of health products and solutions, has harnessed the power of social e-Commerce to open up new direct selling opportunities for Chinese entrepreneurs. By implementing a light entrepreneurship model and accelerating its digital transformation, Infinitus provides greater business options for partners to leverage the surge in online growth during key occasions and special periods.

Over the recent months and years, Infinitus has taken a number of steps to ensure that social eCommerce empowers direct selling entrepreneurs. The company has leveraged a number of digital platforms, including WeChat, livestreaming and cloud technology, to fast-track its online capabilities. Beyond this, Infinitus has tapped into the power of technology to showcase its stringent quality control and hygiene measures to reassure partners and consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The pandemic has had unprecedented effects on the global economy and impacted all walks of life. The more uncertain the times, the more we must explore the nature of the problem and strive for resilience against the face of the unknown," said Huang Jianlong, Managing Director of Infinitus (China) Company Ltd.

From September 2019, Infinitus successfully launched its eCommerce platforms, opening up a new direct selling model through eCommerce platforms, expanding its existing marketing channels and creating new opportunities for its partners.

The company also launched a strategic partnership with Tencent Smart Retail on January 4 of this year to enhance its digital presence and online-offline integration. The two mini-programs, Infinitus Online Mall and Infinitus Marketing Assistant empower entrepreneurs to establish their own exclusive store online. At the same time, the mini-programs offer content marketing, digital management services and other capabilities, which better customer acquisition, retention and engagement -- and ultimately make entrepreneurship easier and more efficient. In addition to these two tools, Infinitus taps into its corporate WeChat, push notification, Infinitus custom input method and exclusive Infinitus emojis to help partners conduct online promotions smoothly.

Riding on the rising popularity of livestreaming, Infinitus has actively conducted a series of events throughout this year. In April 2020, Infinitus hosted a livestreaming event that garnered over 611,000 views and 14.142 million likes. Infinitus partners increased their sales by forwarding the livestreaming link and sharing digital poster with Infinitus Online Mall's QR code.

Beyond marketing and promotions, Infinitus accelerates its pace of optimizing its product mix. As of June 30, more than 25 new products have been developed, with this number set to double to 50 by the end of the year.

Infinitus also remains committed to its "100-1=0" product quality concept, which means, if 1 point is deducted from 100 points in regards of a product's quality, the product should not be considered as "qualified" -- particularly given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Infinitus invited consumers, reporters and government guests to conduct cloud- visits of its production bases. Hosted in real-time for full transparency, the events allowed viewers to go behind the scenes to understand precisely how Infinitus manages its quality control.

Huang Jianlong said, "No matter how the world develops or the environment changes, the pursuit of health, happiness and self-actualization remains a constant; and business will continue to be built based on trust between people. We are determined to use these values to enrich the lives of consumers, practitioners, and help bring more harmony to our greater society."


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