Infinitus Moves to Ensure A Smooth Return to Work and Resumption of Production Amid Epidemic

GUANGZHOU, China, Mar. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 virus made the 2020 Chinese New Year one of the most unusual ever. The Chinese government and people have pulled out all the stops to win the battle against the epidemic. Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., a purveyor of health products and solutions, set up a new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control group and implemented measures for epidemic control as soon as they heard the first news about the disease. After being well prepared to prevent the epidemic and receiving the green light from the local authorities, Infinitus's production facilities in Xinhui and Yingkou resumed production on February 1 and February 10, respectively.

Resumption of work and production is a challenge amid the outbreak. To enhance consumers' confidence in the company, Infinitus recently launched a cloud-based live broadcast, giving consumers a close look into its resumed production, including the implementation of strict guidelines for production processes, logistics and distribution as well as operation and management of the customer service center.

Infinitus gives consumers a close look into its resumed production via a cloud-based live broadcast
Infinitus gives consumers a close look into its resumed production via a cloud-based live broadcast

With the baseline of workplace safety, Infinitus's production facilities in Xinhui and Yingkou have abided by stringent practices in epidemic control and prevention in terms of entry and exit routes, employee dining and sterilization at key sites.

The clean area of Infinits's manufacturing shop reaches air cleanliness ISO-14644-1 level 8. The staff who enter the clean area are required to complete the designated procedures, including washing and drying of hands and other hygienic steps, as well as changing clothes and shoes both in external and internal dressing rooms. Employees are also required to wear disposable gloves all the time and sterilize them with alcohol hourly in clean area to ensure the safety of production.

The company has also overcome challenges in provision of raw materials, warehousing, and logistics to ensure timely delivery of products to customers. It has added temperature monitoring and registration of exit from and entry into warehouses into the daily routine amid the outbreak, in addition to upgrading other protective measures.

Infinitus's customer service center has shifted to an online work model, which allows employees to work remotely, and ensures them to answer over 90% of incoming customer calls in under 20 seconds.

Given the current situation, Infinitus said that it will keep implementing measures for epidemic prevention and control and trying to resume normal operation in a move to provide consumers with high-quality Chinese herbal health products and related services, making its own contribution to an economic recovery.

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