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Innovation and Technology Festival for Secondary School Students

Innovation and Technology Festival for Secondary School Students

Nurture local technology talents via AR/VR Contest, Youth Hackathon, Robotic Contest and Music Performance

HONG KONG, July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Organised by the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association ("WTIA"), co-oragnised by Association of I.T. Leaders in Education ("AiTLE) and Inno Space, the Innovation and Technology Festival for secondary School Students kicks off today officiating by Dr David Chung, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology and Mr Victor Lam, Government Chief Information Officer.

"The Innovation and Technology Festival for Secondary School Students paves the way for applying "IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools" which is implemented by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer. Through participating in workshops and seminars, teachers will deepen their understanding of innovative information technology equipment in classroom, and learn to organise related extracurricular activities to establish an innovative information technology foundation for students." said Mr Roy Law, Chairman, Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association.

In the Innovation and Technology Festival for Secondary School Students, 5 themes including Artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Open Data, a festival for students, teachers, parents and principals to enjoy. Through the joint efforts of more than 15 partners and units, 45+ unique and fantastic programmes have been developed this year. Highlighted events include:

  • 3 Contests related to "Intelligent Epidemic Prevention" includes Robotic Contest, AR/VR Contest and Youth Hackathon that deepens students' understanding of programming to motivate students' computational thinking skills and allows students to understand the principles and practical applications of robot technology.
  • 40+ Seminars, Webinars and workshops for teachers and students to familiar with the latest application of Artificial intelligence (AI), Python, AR, Cloud Computing, Drone, Autonomous racing car and STEM Aviation
  • Music Performance for families to enjoy via trainings and experiencing at the Music DIY Instrument Workshops
  • on-off line booth showcase as a platform to display students' works with dynamic learning solutions of training partners for everyone to enjoy fun learning innovation and technology.

The seminar followed by the opening ceremony was conducted by Mr. Sammy Fung, President, Open Source Hong Kong, with the topic of Open Data and Application Development. And Blockchain and Data in Emerging FinTech, presented by Mr. Dylan Kwan, Co-founder & CEO, Caprikon Education and Mr. Tim Lee, Co-founder & COO, Caprikon Education.

About Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association ("WTIA")

Found in 2001, WTIA is a non-profit trade association and an industry support body focusing on promoting the development, adoption and awareness of wireless technology and application in Hong Kong.

WTIA has been collaborating with government, industry associations and commercial firms to promote the industry. Furthermore, WTIA has established a global network with counterparts in Australia, Canada, China, Finland, Israel, South Korea, UK etc. to facilitate international cooperation.

Over the past few years, we are dedicated to strengthen and grow the startup ecosystem with business and community partners, also to support and connect startups through the collective power of an alliance of co-working space, accelerators and incubators.

About Association of I.T. Leaders in Education ("AiTLE")

Association of I.T. Leaders in Education (AiTLE) was formed by a group of school IT Coordinators & ICT Teachers in 2002/2003. Our main aim is to promote quality of education through the use of information technologies in form of peer-sharings, seminars and workshops. Upto now, AiTLE has 16 years history in IT in Education & ICT Teaching. AiTLE now has more than 1600 members from more than 1000 K12 schools, and is the biggest Teacher Professional Association related to IT in Education and ICT teaching in Hong Kong. AiTLE has organized in totally more than 400 events. Many members of AiTLE are involved in different roles of the IT in Education and also ICT teaching in Hong Kong.

About Hong Kong Productivity Council ("HKPC")

The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) is a multi-disciplinary organisation established by statute in 1967, to promote productivity excellence through integrated advanced technologies and innovative service offerings to support Hong Kong enterprises. Inno Space is a startup platform established by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and commissioned by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, we are here to support startups and inventors by translating their innovative ideas into industrial designs, prototypes and products so they can turn concepts into reality. Inno Space supports the development of TechEd (Technology and Technical Education) by providing a hub with software and hardware support to local educators, students, startups, makers and designers. By collaboration with STEM education partners and educators, we offer one-stop service for a wide range of learning and teaching resources to local teachers and students to facilitate the development of homegrown technology talent. We provide a comprehensive STEM solution package for local primary and secondary schools with support in STEM education, industry exposure of cutting-edge technologies, design and prototype workshops, as well as advisory and support to schools.

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