Insight Robotics Expands its Footprint in Mexico, Portugal and Spain Through Strategic Distribution Partnership

The successful delivery of the first project in Mexico and the demonstration project in Portugal opened up a new page for Insight Robotics in these continents and partner network.

HONG KONG, May 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Insight Robotics, a technology company that was founded in Hong Kong, with mission to safeguard natural resources and infrastructure through automation and early-warning threat detection, is pleased to announce the expansion of its business in Mexico, Portugal and Spain by establishing Distribution Partnership with Robotics Galu in Mexico and Leitek Innovative Solutions in Iberia respectively, which ensures an increased geographic sales footprint and broader access to maintenance and support resources for better client's engagement.

Insight Robotics Wildfire Detection Robot
Insight Robotics Wildfire Detection Robot

The first five Wildfire Detection robots have been installed in the main forest in Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico. The robots are currently being monitored by state and federal authorities controlling forestry, an institution that provides assistance and resources at the national level -- throughout 32 states. The potential for replicating the project across the State of Jalisco and at the national level is high.

Meanwhile, the Portugal's demonstration was carried in March at the Europe's largest laboratory for wildfire studies, LEIF (Laboratorio de Estudos de Incendios Florestais) and got national exposure and attention to Insight Robotics Early Wildfire Detection system to the Portuguese stakeholders, policy and key decision makers, as an effective solution to counter the recurring threat of wildfires that the country has been battered with.

Demonstration done at LEIF in Portugal (March 2018)
Demonstration done at LEIF in Portugal (March 2018)

The demonstration had a dedicated reportage in the major TV news channel in Portugal (SIC). "Portugal doesn't have a culture of video surveillance of the forest and the big fire of Pedrogao Grande in June 2017 showed the benefit of video surveillance," said Professor Domingos Xavier Viegas, professor of the University of Coimbra, who is the highest technical and scientific authority in Portugal related to wildfires. "Insight Robotics Wildfire Detection system enables not only the detection and location of the fire, but also a great added value with lots of information to the firefighter such as providing the best path towards the fire, monitoring several fires simultaneously from a Command and Control Center." In the wake of the demonstration, Portugal government has enacted a regulation that installation of forest video surveillance systems, integrating with RGB and thermal cameras is mandatory for mitigation of wildfires.

With almost 10-year experiences, Insight Robotics already deployed its innovative technology and solutions to different countries. "To-date, more than 100 wildfire detection robots have been deployed in 44 cities in China, and Indonesia. Besides Portugal, we have successfully conducted demonstration/proof-of-concept worldwide, including in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Canada, Brazil and South Africa," said Mr. Kevin Chan, Co-founder and CEO of Insight Robotics.

"The successful delivery of first project in Mexico and the demonstration in Portugal is our first and significant step to enter these two regions," added Mr. Chan. "We are thrilled to have Robotics Galu and Leitek as our distribution partners. We are looking ahead to enhance business through this strategic partnership and secure a competitive edge in Mexico, Portugal and Spain markets."

"After the first successful case, Robotics Galu and local authorities look forward to working collaboratively with Insight Robotics to offer Mexico with automated solutions to prevent, identify and combat wildfires through artificial intelligence algorithms," said Mr. Javier Markowicz, Director of Robotics Galu.  

Eng. Clelio Dinis Leite, CEO of Leitek Innovative Solutions, stated, "This is an exciting partnership for Leitek. The products of Insight Robotics are arriving at the right time in Portugal in the wake of 2017 wildfire disasters. The professionalism of Insight Robotics is 'bullet proof' and as distribution partner, we received full support and fast response from Insight Robotics. We believe it would be a big success in both Portugal and Spain."

About Insight Robotics
Insight Robotics Limited is a pioneering technology company founded in Hong Kong in 2009 with mission to make the world a better, safer place to live – enable active risk management of the world's assets by generating and making sense of data. The company develops automated technology to give industry data-driven insights to quantify their risks and plan accordingly. Using real-time data collected from robots and sensors and presented with our geospatial intelligence system (GIS) platform, industry professionals can contain dangerous or costly situations before they can escalate. For more information, please visit or email

About Robotics Galu 
Robotics Galu S.A de CV, founded in 2016, is a Mexican company composed of successful local entrepreneurs, lawyers and doctors, that offers different flight services with specialized drones that adapt to different applications, such as agriculture, environment, damage analysis and more. Robotics Galu becomes an exclusive distributor of Insight Robotics Limited in 2017 and believes the importance of protecting the environment by limiting the negative impact of forestry wildfire. For more information, please visit

About Leitek Innovative Solutions
Leitek Innovative Solution, Lda, is the exclusive distributor of Insight Robotics Limited in both Portugal and Spain. Leitek is listed as a company of the Portuguese platform of defense companies (IDD) belonging to the technological and industrial defense base. Leitek develops its business in three main areas: Forest Surveillance and Early Wildfire Detection, Operational Safety of Aircraft in airports, and  Security & Defense. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in February 2018 between Insight Robotics, Leitek and the Portuguese Association for the Development of Aerodynamics/Centre of Studies of Wildfires (ADAI/CEIF) in order to develop joint R&D projects. For more information, please visit

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