Inspur® Launches ON5263M5, the World's First OCP-Accepted™ Compute Node Based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Family

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Inspur, a leading datacenter and cloud computing total solutions provider, today announces its new ON5263M5 Compute Node, which has received OCP-Accepted™ certification from the Open Compute Project (OCP) and is now listed on OCP Marketplace. Inspur R&D engineers have done a great work in delivering a solution that aligns with OCP's principles, the vote by the technology giants that from OCP's incubation committee was unanimous.

In keeping with Inspur's commitment to open architecture, the innovative ON5263M5 is based upon the Open Rack Standard V2.0, and incorporates many of the highly desired features of OCP, making it an ideal solution for hyper-scale data centers seeking to move to the latest and most sustainable OCP standards.  The new ON5263M5 supports the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor and it can configure multi-workload appliances with a flexible design – allows enhanced I/O flexibility and enables simplified datacenter operations. To help with maintenance and minimize service interruptions, the ON5263M5 can be removed and replaced quickly, without the need to power down the entire rack system.

The ON5263M5 is one of the compute and storage nodes displayed along with the Inspur Rack Scale Server OR Series showcased at the OCP 2017 U.S. Summit. The Inspur Rack Scale Server OR Series is 42U in height, and is designed to deliver hyper-scale datacenter performance for low CAPEX and OPEX with simplicity, energy and cooling efficiency, high density, serviceability, scalability, and manageability. Customers can choose from the available node configurations to meet their usage needs of Machine Learning, BIG Data, Advanced Analytics and Cloud Computing applications.

Industry adoption of OCP is rapidly growing as the next generation cloud data center stresses on efficient data center designs for scalable computing in form of workload optimized servers. Inspur's innovative data center & cloud technology product offerings target efficiency, high-performance and flexibility thereby complementing the goals of OCP computing initiatives. Designs deploying Inspur technology offerings are optimized for total cost of ownership (TCO) and complexity that are essential key requirements for scalable computing designs.

 "We are thrilled with Inspur's fast product development and we are very pleased to see them create such an innovative product in a very short period of time." said Bill Carter, CTO of OCP Foundation. "Inspur's new ON5263M5 compute node is specifically designed and engineered to meet the OCP standards, and is the world's first OCP-Accepted compute node based on the Intel Xeon Scalable Processor family. We look forward to working with Inspur to expand our portfolio of OCP options for traditional datacenter customers."

 "As an OCP Platinum member and an OCP Solution Provider, Inspur strives to provide our global customers with customized, purpose-built data center servers and storage solutions that are cost effective and built to be specific to actual workloads and data center environments." Said Peter Peng, VP of Inspur Group and CEO of Inspur. "Our goal is to facilitate cooperation among all key Open Standards, which helps our customers build their hyper-scale data centers in a more efficient and effective way."

More details about the new ON5263M5 Compute Node can be found here:

This innovative product will be available in January, 2018 for large-scale datacenter customers to purchase direct from Inspur Systems by calling 1-800-697-5893 or emailing

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