Inspur Chairman Peter Sun Attends Opening Ceremony of 2017 BRICS Business Forum

XIAMEN, China, Sept. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On the afternoon of September 3rd, the opening ceremony of 2017 BRICS Business Forum was held in Xiamen, China. As a business leader in China's IT area, Chairman of Inspur Group Peter Sun attended the opening ceremony at invitation.

In an interview, Peter Sun said since the business community of the BRICS countries is the main force driving economic development, Chinese enterprises should leverage their strengths in terms of information, technology and funding and carry out business in developing countries including BRICS and "BRICS Plus". Enterprises should help these countries with successful "Chinese solutions", and bring advanced technologies and visions back to China. Therefore, joint development will benefit people around the world.

As the leading cloud computing and big data service provider in China, Inspur has been pursuing this vision in the process of internationalization. For years, on the one hand, Inspur formed "Chinese solutions" of informatization in China, the most complicated IT market in the world, and brought them to BRICS countries and countries along the "Belt and Road". Inspur also formed "Global solutions" of informatization through exportation of visions and localization, and made people in more countries experience the fruits of inclusive development created by new technologies and new revolutions. On the other hand, advanced informatization technologies and visions from India, Russia and other countries were introduced to China through technology exchanges, joint ventures and cooperation to promote the development of China's information industry and digital economy.

Now Inspur have extensive exchanges on informatization with BRICS countries and countries along the "Belt and Road". For example, Inspur has signed an agreement with Russian enterprises on cloud computing center, built a global call center in India, and helped Indonesia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia build a smart city, education cloud and conduct a genetic study of the fruit, date palm. Inspur's key projects have covered half of the countries in the "Belt and Road" Initiative, supporting the information connectivity and development of digital economy of these countries. Meanwhile, because of abundant talents on software and rich education resources in India, Inspur has a joint venture partnership with India's UPTEC. Inspur has introduced the advanced software talent training system to 42 Chinese universities which cultivates nearly 2,000 IT talents on cloud computing, big data and other emerging technologies every year.