Inspur Released a New Generation of Integrated Gene-appliance with a Three-fold Increase in Genome Analysis Performance

BEIJING, Sept. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Inspur and Intel announced its new generation of integrated gene-appliance, GeneEngine M2. This new integrated genetic analysis with BIGstack solution of Inspur R&D combines the latest Intel compute and acceleration technologies. In comparison with the previous generation, GeneEngine M2 demonstrated a three times performance increase in genome-wide analysis and tests in real-life use.

Inspur GeneEngine M2 is based on Intel BIGstack architecture and includes the latest GATK3.8 version and Cromwell / WDL process management system. The measured data in real-life indicated that by using the new generation of dual-socket Intel® Xeon® Gold processor, Inspur GeneEngine M2 run time was reduced by 23% and 37% respectively for gene sequence-alignment and find-mutation business critical processes when compared to the previous generation.  In addition, by using Inspur F10A FPGA card with Intel® Arrial10 chip, and combined with Falcon Computing for GATK acceleration, the performance of the entire gene analysis process in Inspur GeneEngine M2 can be increased by 3.4 times over its previous generation.

With the recent rapid development of high-throughput sequencing technology, the data volume from   single sequencing has been greatly increased. This has brought big challenges for the backend genetic data calculation processes. For example, Illumina launched Nova Seq in 2017 which has a maximum input of 48 human genomes and only requires 40 hours for a single-run to generated 6TB of data while before, the processing of single person genome generally took 5 days to complete.  Now, by relying on Inspur new generation GeneEngine M2 and using BIGstack program integrated with the latest acceleration technologies, GeneEngine M2 can make the entire genome data processing time greatly reduced to meet the output of next generation sequencers.

Liu Jun, General Manager of Inspur Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Server Product division said: "The new generation of Inspur integrated gene-appliance GeneEngine M2 can meet the customers' need for faster and better genetic data analysis on-premise, provide a better user experience and excellent performance. The increase of the efficiency of genetic analysis is a stepping stone for further acceleration in development of precise medical care".

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