Intelligent Wave Inc. (IWI) Releases "IP Flow-Monitoring Solution" Aimed at Broadcasting Industry

Intelligent Wave Inc. (IWI) Releases "IP Flow-Monitoring Solution" Aimed at Broadcasting Industry

TOKYO, June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Intelligent Wave Inc. ("IWI" hereinafter) based in Tokyo announced on June 11 its successful development and launch of the "IP Flow-Monitoring Solution" to address issues in installing Internet Protocol on broadcast facilities.

- Background Information on Solution Development

In recent years, the broadcasting industry has been keen to promote 4K/8K broadcasting, which has made it an urgent requirement to install Internet Protocol on broadcast facilities. This trend that revolutionizes the broadcasting industry represents a global change that major TV stations or image distribution business, both in Japan and abroad, are currently working on. 4K/8K broadcasting requires IP-installed broadcast equipment which is different from conventional SDI-based facilities. In addition, a totally different broadcast signal-monitoring measure becomes indispensable for the new IP-installed broadcasting equipment in order to maintain and even improve the quality of broadcasting. Under these circumstances, IWI has developed the IP Flow-Monitoring Solution by utilizing its sophisticated technology acquired through its long-term experience in the financial industry where precise high-speed data distribution is critical.

- Feature of the Solution

The IP Flow-Monitoring Solution enabled a large number of port aggregations which can never be achieved by the existing network switch mirror port. This has become possible by utilizing FPGA implemented within "Arista7130," a network device provided by Arista Networks, Inc., and by extracting only the necessary information from the packets within the switch. As for data analysis after the extraction, the IP Flow-Monitoring Solution identifies the data type (SMPTE2022-20/ SMPTE 2110-30/ SMPTE 2022-6/PTP/IGMP, etc.) and applies high-speed data analysis through "FES (Fast Event Streamer)," IWI's unique CEP engine, and then processes those data into a data set that is most suitable for overall trend analysis. Moreover, this IP Flow-Monitoring Solution is the solution that focuses on stream (IP flow) monitoring. It can visualize, through PTP synchronization with a time server, not only the bit rate or packet drop within every stream, but latency or jitter within every stream received.

*The IP Flow-Monitoring Solution was developed in cooperation with a Japanese broadcasting company and its patent filed by IWI and the company is pending now.


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