Interactive Online Teaching Platform CCtalk -- A Major Contributor to Chinese Online Education Industry's Growth

SHANGHAI, Aug. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CCtalk, the online learning platform from Hujiang EdTech ("Hujiang"), China's leading online education company, has been recognized as an outstanding example of China's flourishing online education industry in a new report from iResearch, a leading market research company and third-party data provider. The analysis appears in its China's Live Interactive Education Industry Report, which notes that CCtalk, and the industry as a whole, still has plenty of room to grow.

CCtalk - case study in the iResearch report
CCtalk - case study in the iResearch report

According to the report, the Chinese online education industry is undergoing changes from volatile to steady. CCtalk, a pioneer in the online education field, is shown as an ideal case study in the report. With high demand and an advanced technical support infrastructure to support its growth, comprehensive teaching platforms such as CCtalk have become very competitive in the education market.

The report says that, CCtalk, positioned as a real-time interactive education platform, has much potential to grow. It integrates many e-learning products that Hujiang EdTech has been developing, together with new technologies such as VR to utilise the live broadcast function and big data for optimizing the platform. It offers a one-stop solution for online education.

Aiming to recreate the traditional classroom experience online with simultaneous interaction through two-way live video and digital whiteboard between teachers and students, CCtalk hosts over 30,000 independent teachers ("iTeachers") globally who use the platform to provide thousands of classes.

The report further highlights CCtalk as a leader in educational innovations. Unlike most platforms, it specifically serves independent teachers, including freelancers and full-time professionals, by providing various online tools that help users to enrich their student interactions and improve efficiency. It also allows iTeachers to develop their own widgets and to share them with others on the platform.

"Our platform has a huge database. We have introduced the iTeaching Index (Online Teaching Index) which combines AI, big data, and education. It can be used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of online teaching by each teacher. What's more, we are now working on a learning index for each student, which will help them make better study plans," said Dr. Jian Lu, Partner of Hujiang EdTech and CEO of CCtalk.

CCtalk differs from other platforms such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which are a collection of free online English lessons provided by universities and colleges. "These are basically traditional one-way video learning platforms with pre-recorded classes. Taking classes on CCtalk, on the other hand, is more interactive as learners can 'turn on the microphone', ask questions and engage in discussions with others," said Dr. Lu.

On the other hand, CCtalk also features community-based learning by creating an interactive platform where students could discuss with teachers or share with other students. Through this way students could learn more effectively and are more likely to complete their courses. 

The CCtalk platform is compatible with all major operating systems and devices including Android, iOS, iPad, PC, and MAC. Its total number of users is over 10 million, with 850 thousand online classes having been taught.

About iResearch

iResearch is a professional market research and consulting company. The company focuses on Internet media, e-commerce, online games, wireless value-added, and various new economic fields related to the Internet industry. By providing premium data products, analytics and consulting services, iResearch enables its clients to better understand China's Internet sector and enhance profitability and competitiveness.

About Hujiang EdTech

Founded in 2001, Hujiang EdTech started as an online BBS community offering online courses, and now it becomes one of China's leading online education companies. Hujiang EdTech strives to make high-quality education more accessible and enjoyable through mobile learning applications, online courses, and its interactive online teaching platform. Serving over 150 million users (including 120 million mobile users) in China, Hujiang EdTech offers a wide range of online educational programs, including international & domestic examination preparation, foreign language learning, professional skills training, and more.

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