Introducing BANBROKEN— The World’s First NFC Tech-Enabled Smart Shoes

Live on Kickstarter, BANBROKEN is the premium tech-enabled sport shoe for sneaker lovers.

BANBROKEN, the revolutionary new smart sneaker utilizing innovative connected RFID tap technology, is live on global platform Kickstarter and a breakthrough crowdfunding success story having raised nearly 800% of their initial raise goal. 

The BANBROKEN sport shoe with Tap Tech is the first of its kind— seamlessly integrating high-performance athletic footwear with the latest cutting edge technology. Designed for those who seek not only functionality but also individuality and style, they have been designed to be the world’s smartest shoe.

“Transitioning from ironing shirts in my room to being able to fully outfit an athletic individual with a complete range of accessories and clothing was a transformative journey. This project is the realization of a childhood dream through collective funding, blending my two passions: design and technology,” says founder and CEO Antonio Millán on the inspiration behind the project. “After 9 years of self-funding, the meticulousness and perfectionism ingrained from my 12 years working on high-speed trains have heavily influenced this venture. Our sneakers aren’t just uniquely designed; they incorporate RFID technology for unparalleled functionality.”

BANBROKEN are the world's first athletic shoes integrating NFC technology. By utilizing this technology, wearers can control their workout playlist, receive pre-training motivation and share socials instantly all with a single tap to their shoes to activate. Wearers can even share an S.O.S message and their location to their favorite contact in an emergency.

At the heart of BANBROKEN lies a sole designed with meticulous attention to detail. This sole champions the natural movement of the foot, providing an unparalleled comfort that adapts to every step. By embracing a natural width, the company has moved away from the restrictive, narrow designs prevalent in traditional athletic footwear. This ensures the foot can naturally expand and breathe; promoting a healthier and more comfortable experience. A low-drop design helps to brings the foot closer to the ground, fostering a more natural stance and encouraging a healthier, more stable gait.

To launch, BANBROKEN is available in 8 different color and pattern styles. Available exclusively to backers of the campaign, fans can even select to purchase a limited edition model manufactured with luxury materials and jewelry designed by artists. The campaign is in its final stretch and offering exclusive discounted pricing for backers of the project.

“What sets our sneakers apart is not only their original design but also the integrated RFID technology and a secure NFC-enabled latch system. This innovation allows users to send an SOS, share their location, contact details, social media, or even play their favorite workout playlist with a simple tap of the shoe. It’s the ultimate blend of design, comfort, and technology tailored for the modern athlete,” adds Millán.

BANBROKEN is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:


BANBROKEN, born from over nine years of meticulous design and technological innovation, stands at the convergence of athletic performance and personal safety. Founded by Antonio Millán, whose transition from a high-speed train engineer to a designer embodies precision, perfectionism, and passion, BANBROKEN is pioneering in its approach. BANBROKEN sneakers are crafted to cater to the holistic needs of every athlete, emphasizing mental health and well-being as much as physical fitness. BANBROKEN is more than a brand; it’s a lifestyle choice for the forward-thinking athlete who values design, comfort, and connectivity.

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