Introducing "JINS Design Project" That Teams Up with World's Leading Designers to "Design Glasses from Their Essence"

- First Installment in Collaboration with Jasper Morrison Available in Stores since October 12, 2017

TOKYO, Nov. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- JINS Inc. is pleased to initiate the "JINS Design Project" under the concept of "re-questioning the definition of eyewear to design eyeglasses from their very essence." The first installment designed in collaboration with world-renowned product designer Jasper Morrison has been available in JINS stores throughout Japan and on the JINS Online Shop since October 12, 2017.


(Photo: Jasper Morrison featured wearing the Wellington Matte Brown Demi

- JINS Engages in Enriching People's Lives through the Multifaceted Approach of Product, Store, and Office Design

Since entering the eyewear business in 2001 with the vision to "Magnify Life" to expand and enrich people's lives, JINS has continued to bring innovation to the industry and also constantly engaged in new efforts in the aspect of design, working with the world's leading architects and designers in designing its stores. Through collaboration with various brands, artists, architects and creators, JINS has devoted itself to creating new value by expanding and exploring the possibilities of eyewear design.

- JINS Continues to Work in Collaboration with the World's Top Designers

The newly initiated JINS Design Project is an effort to create glasses that hold value and relevance in the future through means of reconsidering eyewear design from its very essence and reconstructing them from their shape and materials. The first installment of the project welcomes Jasper Morrison, recognized as one of the most influential product designers in the world, with a reputation for producing works that harbor a basic yet universal appeal. Through this project, JINS plans to continually release products in collaboration with the world's leading designers.

- The First Installment Collaborates with Jasper Morrison on His First Eyewear Collection

Morrison, who works across a variety of fields spanning from furniture to tableware, household appliances and stationery, and providing designs for bus stops and trams, has received high acclaim for creating products that blend into daily life and for realizing designs that continue to be cherished and appreciated over time. Morrison's attitude of exploring and considering designs that are both basic and become presences that better accommodate those who use them had resonated with JINS' ideology to "Create new standards," and thus resulted in realizing this collaboration. Although Morrison himself wears eyeglasses on a daily basis, this project marks his first ever engagement in eyewear design.

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