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Introducing The Metaphysical Hub: A Portal for Connecting Lightworkers, Healers, and Other Practitioners

Metaphysical Hub is the online portal that connects lightworkers, healers, and other practitioners who share their knowledge, resources, and experiences with others.

The Metaphysical Hub was created to provide spiritual and educational resources for people on their search to know themselves. It is a platform where everyone can explore, share experiences, gain insights, access teachings and discover what is happening around the globe. The website offers an opportunity to learn more about practitioners, their products, and services that aim to improve quality of life. The Metaphysical Hub answers many questions and provides solutions to many life problems. It does its best to ensure that all information and products are reviewed for effectiveness and authenticity before being made available, making it one of the more trusted websites. 

In today’s hectic life and schedule, people hardly get time or the inclination to get to know one another. Still, many people are eager to connect and share their amazing stories of positivity and hope. Various people in the world are still undiscovered, or people who are still unaware of their miraculous metaphysical experiences. This is because these people are not famous, they are not discovered, and their journey remains untold and unknown; such people have found some of the most useful metaphysical tools.

The Metaphysical Hub acts like a bridge, connecting people with practitioners like never before. Such people are eager and ready to teach and help others, but unfortunately, most people never know about them. Their treasures do not get shared, people are not able to connect with them, and their experiences are never known.

"Since there’s no living forever, let’s create a legacy that will,” said Shahiroz Walji. She has witnessed several miracles in her life and has been on amazing journeys. is an example of a website she created, a unique way for family members to tribute and channel their grief into something more positive. A platform where they can express the work and lessons their loved ones left behind to live on forever. 

Those interested in post-death, near death or other supernatural experiences or would like to share information on such experiences after the death of someone or a supernatural experience of their own are invited to send their stories and articles to The Metaphysicalhub is offering an opportunity for everyone to submit an inspirational story. There is an opportunity to get selected and win a $100 shopping credit along with an interview when your story is selected to be profiled. At this time, people are welcome to join the ever-growing community as friends, members, or practitioners at no charge.

The Metaphysical Hub:

The Metaphysical Hub is a platform that interviews the metaphysical people of the world. It offers an opportunity to meet and connect with people who wish to raise their vibration and learn everything about the law of attraction and how to manifest. This is a platform for all those practitioners eager to share their life stories, their miraculous experiences, and their teachings with the hope of bringing a positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

More than 200 metaphysical practitioners on the platform offer guidance so people can take the right path and direction. The online platform provides several technical services for those interested in serving the world. Now, people can create their accounts and profiles on the platform for free.

The platform also offers a section recommending several books and products, including Angel books. It also collaborates with and promotes websites like,,,, and more.

Interviews of Practitioners:
Those interested in knowing more about some practitioners must watch some insightful videos. Several practitioner interviews are a rich source of knowledge and valuable information. People are encouraged to watch as many interviews as possible on

About is a website that serves as a memorial for her beloved friend Thomas. This unique e-commerce T-shirt site allows the family to channel their grief into something positive. It shares memories, ideas, and quotes of a loved one, often those with unfinished dreams. To purchase, please visit - and check out Thomas’ legacy. The proceeds of the site are meant to fulfill the dream of the loved one. Shopping can be done on for a holiday or special gift. T-Shop offers loved ones duplicate websites customized to share special memories and quotes from lost loved ones. 

About Shahiroz Walji:

Shahiroz Walji is the founder of the Metaphysical Hub and, with over a decade of building spiritual communities and connections globally. Her grandmother and love of reading from a very young age initiated her journey into metaphysics. After a few years, she started working at a metaphysical store, where she started growing her first metaphysical community. She started getting involved in hypnotherapy, Theta healing, Crystal healing, Reiki, Mediumship, and many more modalities and activities.

Shahiroz Walji leads the community and sales at David Sereda Lightstream Harmonics, where she learned about his invented frequency emitters and is very satisfied with her miraculous experiences and fascinating individuals. She feels there are divinely inspired ideas, teachings, and products that she loves to promote. She is passionate about singing and had an exciting moment in 2014 as she sang with her choir VIMAC for a performance by Salim Sulaiman.

Contact Info:
Name: Shahiroz Walji
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Organization: Walji Technical Services
Phone: 778-386-1786

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