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Introducing MIUtec: The Future of Outerwear by Muntagnard Where Premium Fashion Meets Circularity

Live on Kickstarter, the MIUtec jacket and vest are designed for circularity and made from only two mono-materials.

MIUtec Iso, the revolutionary new durable jacket made exclusively from faster degradable fibers and a recyclable design, is live on global platform Kickstarter and a breakout crowdfunding success story having raised over 100% of their initial raise goal in under a week.

The MIUtec Iso hooded jacket and vest represent a monumental leap forward in the evolution of outdoor wear. Designed to address the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts, from adventurers and explorers to urban commuters, the MIUtec line combines cutting-edge technology with stylish aesthetics. The result is a jacket and vest that redefine what is possible in terms of both performance and fashion.

“As a young Swiss company we follow the ambition to advance circular solutions in the textiles industry by making sustainable innovations accessible and desirable. We don’t want to be moralizers or doomsayers; we want to work with the highest quality materials and demonstrate that premium clothing and strict sustainability criteria no longer need to contradict each other,” says founder and CEO Dario Pirovino on the inspiration behind the project. “With our new MIUtec Iso jackets we created products that are actually designed for the circular economy, which is pretty unique in the clothing market. On the one hand, this project shall therefore inspire and demonstrate that it is absolutely possible to follow strictest sustainability criteria and still create amazing looking and high-quality products. On the other hand, we want to open up our current target market and make our Swiss developments accessible outside our country borders.”

The MIUtec Iso is a jacket where premium fashion meets circularity. It is a durable, lightweight, insulated jacket that doesn’t compromise function, style or sustainability. Designed around circularity with materials to be reused; the jacket’s cutting edge design and construction is made up of only two mono-material components that are fully-recyclable and degradable— a new generation of polyamide and wood-based filling. Unlike most garments, the MIUtec is guaranteed to never end up as unusable trash. 

To launch, the MIUtec Iso is available as either a hooded jacket or a vest. It is lightweight, easily-foldable, water-repellant, quick-drying and offers a timeless and modern design. Whether for dinner with family, playing a round of golf with friends, hiking in the Swiss Alps, or biking to work— the MIUtec Iso’s endless versatility ensure it’s the last jacket anyone will ever need to own.

“We believe that creating sustainable clothing through innovative approaches is crucial for the future due to its potential to significantly reduce the environmental impact of textiles. We also believe that most people are not too willing to make sacrifices when it comes to quality, comfort or style. This is why we intend to offer the peace of mind for clothing: timeless design, cutting-edge process with the highest quality materials and designing all our products for circularity, to actually keep the materials in the cycle and reduce waste to the max,” adds Pirovino.

The MIUtec Iso hooded jacket and vest is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: 

About Muntagnard

For over five years we have been passionately committed to developing high-quality, innovative & timeless fashion that is designed for circularity. We produce clothes for all those who are looking for sustainable fashion but don't want to compromise on quality, comfort and style. We only use recyclable and / or degradable materials and all our products are made in Europa with a transparent supply chain.

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