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Introducing MOMENTICA, the global platform for K-Pop fans to collect one-of-a-kind digital moments

Introducing MOMENTICA, the global platform for K-Pop fans to collect one-of-a-kind digital moments

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- MOMENTICA is a flagship platform for fan-artist engagement built on innovative and sustainable technology, launched by LEVVELS. MOMENTICA takes its inspiration from K-Pop fandom, which boasts a thriving photo card collection community and culture. MOMENTICA is an extension of this culture into the digital space in the form of TAKE™️, unique digital cards celebrating a variety of beloved artists that fans can collect.

Milestones Since Service Updates

Last October, MOMENTICA was introduced to K-Pop fans around the world. Since its launch, fans from 93 countries/regions have been enjoying MOMENTICA with the official drops of ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM and fromis_9 digital collectibles. Fans have joined five artists communities that MOMENTICA hosts – TOMORROW X TOGETHER, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN, fromis_9 and LE SSERAFIM.

Last December, MOMENTICA announced wide-ranging enhancements to its whole MOMENTICA service for better user experience by making it even more user-friendly, streamlined, open and accessible. As a result, the number of TAKE™️ holders and the number of followers of each artist have increased. LE SERRAFIM'S digital collectible owners have grown sevenfold while the number of followers has grown by four times. In addition, more than 60,000 free giveaway digital collectibles of fromis_9, released on January 19, were gone in less than a week.

More K-Pop Artists' TAKE™️ Drops Are Coming in the Future

After LE SERRAFIM'S successful drops, fromis_9 has taken over the limelight with an even more spectacular collection. fromis_9's drop ends on February 9, paving the way for TOMORROW X TOGETHER to make their debut on MOMENTICA the same day. Digital collectibles capturing magical moments from the group's world tour ACT: LOVE SICK in Seoul will be unveiled in two parts: part one from February 9 to 23, and part two from February 16 to March 2. In the following months, MOMENTICA will continue to update the drop schedule for SEVENTEEN and ENHYPEN digital collectibles.

MOMENTICA Experience Supported by Various Features

MOMENTICA offers amazing experiences with digital collectibles, enabling users to select digital moments to create their own unique collection. Here are key six features that users should know to get the most out of their digital collectible experiences.

TAKE™️, Unique Digital Collectibles Available on MOMENTICA

TAKE™️ is the term for the unique digital collectibles available on MOMENTICA that range from digital photo cards and short-form videos to handwriting and voice files of favorite artists. These authentic TAKE™️s, captured during album production, performance schedules, and exclusive content, are released in limited numbers, and each piece of content is unique.

Drop System with Free TAKE

Each and every artist's TAKE™️ is exclusive, and the limited content has a specific release timeline. On MOMENTICA, the announcement of new TAKE™️s is called a 'drop.' Users can get a free pack of TAKE™️ every day for the first week of the limited-time two week purchasing period for each concept. Users also have the option of buying an additional pack that consists of three TAKE™️ pieces.

Collect Board: A Fresh Way to Treasure Unique Moments

Collect Board, a roadmap of collectibles that users can reference at a glance, improves users' visibility of their digital collectibles. In a nod to the traditional card collection experience and its offline roots, the Collect Board resembles a physical photo card binder. Through Collect Board, users can check the status of their digital collections and see the cards they have acquired for each artist any time they like.

More Freedom to Trade and Exchange

With the Shuffle feature, users can swap TAKE™️ for random alternatives from the TAKE™️ Pool. While the artist and format type of the TAKE™️ cannot be changed, users can shuffle for a TAKE™️ of another member or a different concept.

Creating own TAKE™️ collection with Collect Book

Through Collect Book, K-Pop fans can create their own personalized collection of TAKE™️s. They can name their Collect Book, select a cover image and decorate their favorite artists' digital collectibles. Users can also share their own Collect Books to other fans.

Artist Page, the easiest way to stay up to date

MOMENTICA lets fans follow their favorite artists and stay tuned to new content, including ongoing drops and the upcoming drop schedule. On Artist Page, fans can check out the available content for all artists at a single glance, and view all the artist's Collect Boards as well as Collect Books created by other fans.

About LEVVELS Inc.

LEVVELS Inc. is a Los Angeles-based company operating a future-proof platform to provide blockchain-based projects for global fandoms and their artists. The company is a joint venture between Dunamu, a worldwide standard setter in blockchain and fintech technology, and HYBE, the global entertainment lifestyle platform company housing multinational music labels.

Established in January of 2022, LEVVELS aims to advance the fandom experience by leveraging blockchain technology, including Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Integrating the world-leading blockchain technology of Dunamu and the powerful intellectual properties (IPs) of HYBE, LEVVELS is on a mission to foster an innovative and exciting online playground culture where fans around the world can celebrate and communicate with their favorite celebrities, artists, and creators. With its core values focused on empowering fandoms, the company strives to curate and offer impactful experiences using the latest technology.

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