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Investors Are Moving Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Safemoon Profit to Catecoin (CATE)

Launched CATE to allow meme creators to “create and earn with their memes” albeit in a decentralized manner.

Catecoin (CATE) is built for creators. According to its team, they launched CATE to allow meme creators to “create and earn with their memes” albeit in a decentralized manner.

This has been a good time for Meme coins, as seen with Shiba Inu (SHIB). For the past few weeks, SHIB recorded one breakthrough after another, taking over the crypto space and flipping over other coins in rankings. Somehow, it surprised everyone in the crypto space when all of a sudden, SHIB began competing incessantly with other cryptocurrencies.

Catecoin (CATE)

However, Catecoin (CATE), another emerging meme coin, seems to be competing with the famed Shiba Inu (SHIB). It is built with the intention of having and adding real value to the meme world.

As stated on Catecoin’s official website, CATE reserved 35% of its tokens for both Staking Rewards and Meme Contest. With Catecoin, users can turn their Memes into NFT and earn CATE. Moreover, a user only needs to stake 5,000,000 CATE tokens to Post memes in Portal. Then, all approved memes will be eligible for NFT minting and the purchaser will also get all rewards from that meme/s.

Notably, users can also earn when holding CATE or earn 2% of every transaction done in Catecoin — something that both SHIB and DOGE don’t have.

The NEXT Shiba Coin

CATE is gearing towards being the “next Shiba coin”. Catecoin is exerting more effort in ensuring that users will be able to benefit and maximize their token and services. In fact, Catecoin is currently developing its play-to-earn game — Rise of Cats, a blockchain-based game.

Reports say that CATE’s market cap has already surpassed $100 million and the team reiterated that its next stop is $1B. Surely, with how CATE is progressing, gradually, it will definitely become a meme coin rival sooner or later.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that SHIB holders are moving their SHIB profit to CATE. For what reason? No one is entirely sure but it is perhaps for further investment options and expansion. The stable progress of CATE might have caught the attention of meme coin holders, who see it as a gateway for more investment opportunities.

For now, CATE enthusiasts are anticipating its NFT marketplace and after that, Catecoin will surely grow even more than it does now. At the time of writing, CATE reports a 100,000,000,000,000 total supply and is trading at $0.000003075.

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