iQIYI Launches "Super Fans" to Explore New Monetization Model for Creators on Video-sharing Community Suike

iQIYI Launches "Super Fans" to Explore New Monetization Model for Creators on Video-sharing Community Suike

"Super Fans" to Create a Virtuous Circle among Creators, Fans and the Platform

BEIJING, March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- iQIYI Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ) ("iQIYI" or the "Company"), an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, is pleased to announce that it has officially launched Super Fans, a new monetization model for the Company's popular video-sharing community, Suike.

Suike is the first platform in China to explore the monetization model offered by Super Fans. Using Super Fans, creators can establish individual fan-subscription channels to provide exclusive content and interactive value-added services, enhancing fans' stickiness and increasing income.

Ge Hong, Senior Vice President at iQIYI, said that Super Fans, adopting an innovative, revolutionary D2C model, allows creators to define content and services by themselves, addressing gaps in the industry, and will further develop creators' monetization channels.

According to data from Suike, more than 100 influential creators on the platform have already tested Super Fans, with content covering game and movie commentary, general knowledge, unboxing, food, dance, and other categories. Using the model, the game-commentary creator "Xiaoben Commentary Video" quadrupled orders within three days. At present, Super Fans accounts for 18% of his overall monthly income. In another example, the film and television commentary creator "Small Films and Big Films" said his monthly income from Super Fans has increased more than threefold.

In the era of 5G and AI, video creation is becoming commonplace. For most video creators, stable income is the key factor when deciding whether they can continue to produce high-quality content at a high frequency. By setting monthly payment prices with six choices for their fans, creators can increase their income through high-quality content and tap the content monetization space. At the same time, the Super Fans model allows creators to connect with their most hardcore fans, boost fan loyalty, incubate a community of quality fans, and build their following on the platform. After becoming a paid super fan, not only can subscribers enjoy exclusive video content and value-added services provided by creators, they can also have more intimate interactions with creators. At the same time, Super Fans will strengthen the community-like atmosphere of Suike and accelerate the establishment of niche interests-based sub-communities on the platform.

The launch of Super Fans follows a number of other monetization initiatives implemented on Suike, including advertising share, live-streaming reward, e-commerce revenue, performance advertising, and product placement. The Super Fans model will help develop Suike's monetization system and promote a virtuous circle among creators, fans and the platform. Suike will also provide creators with comprehensive support, such as content guidelines and recommendations for content delivery and increasing exposure. The launch of this innovative new model once again demonstrates iQIYI's use of technical advantages to raise subscriber conversion rates. At the same time, relying on iQIYI's IP resources, Suike will instantly provide creators with exclusive IP cooperation opportunities, greatly enhancing their personal influence.

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