Isonik Becomes A Golden Sponsor of TPF 2018

SHANGHAI, Nov. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Italy, known as the fashion city, has contributed a lot to the development of digital printing. The world-famous equipment brands like EFI Reggiani, MS, Durst, and ink brands like Kiian, Isonik, J-TECH all come from Italy. The quality of ink influences considerably on color brightness, color fastness and softness. In addition, it affects the lifespan of print head.

ISOCARBO produces highly technological and specific products since 1923, with innovative and sustainable solutions as dyes (reactive, acid, disperse etc.), inks and auxiliaries for the demanding textile sector. A deep know-how in specific sectors and unique experience, investment in the research and strategic industrial assets, allowed ISOCARBO a progressive industrial growth over the years.

IsonikĀ® is the digital printing inks division of ISOCARBO and is developing solutions for specific markets since 2013. IsonikĀ® brand plays nowadays a central role in the international market for the digital printing inks for several markets as Fashion, Sportswear, Signage, Graphic and Habitat.

As exhibitor and golden sponsor, Isonik will exhibit at TPF 2018 (The 9th Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Fair), which will be held grandly from April 19th to 21st at 2018 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

In addition to the pursuit of excellent printing effects, the environmental concern is also pushing forward the ink industry. Stricter environmental protection regulations are widely spread and implemented nowadays in China, the printing and dyeing industry is the focus supervising field. While domestic dyeing industries cluster in Zhejiang, Shaoxing, one of the representative dyeing town in it, has had several companies shut down in August, 2017. According to a leading disperse dyeing company, with the influences of environmental supervision in the third season, their production has been restricted, so that the supply and the stock of dyeing materials are low too.

Since January 1st, 19 industrial standards which concern reactive dye, disperse dye, acid dye and pigment which are listed in Textile Dyeing and Inkjet project have already been implemented. The standards define the term, definition, requirements and testing rules of the application of the above four types of ink as well as their sign, package, transportation and storage.

Organized by Global Ink Standardized Technology Committee, with the support of 2017 Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Fair (TPF 2017), Textile Dyeing and Inkjet Conference was held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre in April 20th, interpreting the standards of the four types of ink in detail.

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