iSunOne Teams up with Digital Bank to Benefit 2 Billion Underprivileged Population

iSunOne Teams up with Digital Bank to Benefit 2 Billion Underprivileged Population

WARSAW, POLAND Media OutReach  - 17 July 2019 -  iSunOne , Asia's leading asset management and private social chatting platform, has partnered with European Digital Bank Dragon Services. iSunOne is realizing better banking on blockchain through strategic partnership and acquisition, creating a new peer to peer financial service system fueled by cryptocurrency and stable tokens. Robinhood, emerging equity and digital currency trading platform, and Coinbase, America's largest cryptocurrency exchange, are both likely players and competitors, yet iSunOne is leading the long-term game in innovative business model and regulatory compliance.

"What is the true shape of money? iSunOne projects the true shape of future money, as we realize the peer to peer seamless flow of information and money simultaneously." quoting Ms. Robin Xie , CEO of iSunOne. Money is not just a pile of cash as human beings are advancing through cashless society to a higher level, as the marriage of information and money in the form of blockchain plus token shed new light on underprivileged population. Users can easily open a banking account in iSunOne within minutes, send stream of information and token flow with several clicks, and enjoy the privilege of private social chatting while getting paid in bitcoins and stable tokens instantly.

The formation of the financial services chain and acquisition of the banking license greatly improves iSunOne's service efficiency, increases the variety of services, and reduces operational costs. At present, iSunOne's main functions are wealth management of digital currency and private communication built on blockchain. In the future, iSunOne will use private communication services to promote the financial and social ecosystem and provide more categories of asset management services, breaking the boundary between traditional assets and digital assets.

Slawomir Lachowski, Chairman of Dragon Services, a European financial services provider, is excited about the partnership with iSunOne. This is Dragon Services' first partner outside Europe. Dragon Services is known for offering "Disruptive innovation in Banking". It is understood that Dragon Services has assisted financial institutions in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany with banking business and licensing in the past three years.

The partnership between blockchain banking service by iSunOne and Dragon Services will create undeniable competitive advantages for iSunOne and bring more value-added service for customers.

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