Italian Lifestyle Brand Tonino Lamborghini Announces a Co-branding Partnership with Chinese Mobile Internet Company Meitu for a New Signature Smartphone

Italian Lifestyle Brand Tonino Lamborghini Announces a Co-branding Partnership with Chinese Mobile Internet Company Meitu for a New Signature Smartphone

The ideal match between the Italian luxury lifestyle TONINO LAMBORGHINI brand and the highly innovative Chinese mobile company Meitu will bring to China a new and fashionable limited-edition smartphone.

SHANGHAI, June 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- June 19, TONINO LAMBORGHINI brand announces the signing of a new license agreement between its South Korean joint venture corporation TL International, Inc. and the innovative Chinese mobile Internet company Meitu, Inc. for the production of a new one-of-a-kind, co-branded smartphone.

Tonino Lamborghini is a brand born from the pioneering spirit and DNA of its founder, heir of Ferruccio Lamborghini, with the aim to show his energy to create, to design and to innovate to the world. Today the name Tonino Lamborghini is synonymous with unparalleled luxury, sophistication and beauty.

The legacy of the Lamborghini name lives on through Tonino's son, Ferruccio Lamborghini, who leads the luxury lifestyle brand as CEO of the company.

In line with its vision of uncompromising beauty and innovation, China's groundbreaking mobile company Meitu, along with TONINO LAMBORGHINI have announced plans to produce a unique co-branded smartphone that will exquisitely merge Italian design heritage with cutting edge 21st century Chinese technology.

The agreement was officially signed last May 15 in Seoul, Korea by the JV TL International, Inc.

Founder and CEO of Meitu, Wu Xinhong
Founder and CEO of Meitu, Wu Xinhong

Mr Zeyuan Wu (35 years old, also known as Mr. Wu Xinhong), founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meitu, declared: "We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with the Italian luxury Tonino Lamborghini brand. Meitu is proudly placed as China's leading mobile Internet company with the aim to inspire beauty. In addition, the Lamborghini Family owns an incredible legacy that truly represents Italy flourishing culture and traditions. Combined, the Tonino Lamborghini brand will inspire Meitu to create an eye-catching and cutting-edge limited-edition smartphone that will no doubt be a hit in the Chinese market."

Ferruccio Lamborghini CEO of Tonino Lamborghini
Ferruccio Lamborghini CEO of Tonino Lamborghini

Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini, 27 years old, son of Tonino Lamborghini and CEO of the Italian company, added: "In line with our new ambitious project in the sector of premium smart devices, we have decided to match our strongly innovative DNA with one of the finest, advanced and inventive tech partners in the Chinese market. A team of very young geek entrepreneurs with a special imagination and creativity to create luxurious smartphone with ultimate photography experience.

For over thirty-five years, our company has covered different markets and sectors thanks to the vitality, passion and eclecticism of my father. He has created a brand always in action, innovative, experimental, original and audacious. Since my grandfather Ferruccio founded the first Lamborghini company, the Lamborghini family has been following the mission to create unique highly innovative products inspired by the Italian flair and mechanical design heritage.

I am personally managing this new project because I admire Meitu inspiring products and its challenging philosophy. Besides, I find its pursuit of excellence and its dream of inspiring people in expressing their beauty perfectly in line with the Tonino Lamborghini brand. This is the reason why we have decided to create with Meitu a new limited edition co-branded stylish and trendy smartphone for the most artistic and trendy Chinese consumers, passionate for fashion, beauty and Italian flair."

A mystery banner was posted this morning on Meitu smartphone's official Weibo page, showing the sentence "Meitu smartphone x Tonino Lamborghini" next to the motto "Pure Italian Talent", which not only represents Tonino Lamborghini's own brand philosophy but it is also in line with the idea of Meitu's pursuit of beauty. Meitu's vision is to be the technology company that understands beauty best. Through mobile apps products including Meitu, BeautyCam, Meipai and its hardware product Meitu smartphones. Meitu has shaped the way beauty is expressed and shared, playing a crucial role in driving the selfie phenomenon globally.

More technical details and product specs will be revealed by Meitu at the launch of the new Tonino Lamborghini smartphone in the near future.



Established in October 2008, Meitu is a leading mobile Internet company headquartered in China. With the vision of building software and hardware around beauty, Meitu has developed a rich portfolio of software and smart hardware products such as Meitu, BeautyCam, Meipai (a short-form video community app) and Meitu Smartphones, which have transformed the way people create and share the idea of beauty. By June 2017, Meitu has amassed over 1.5 billion unique users worldwide. And as of Feb 2018, Meitu has engaged 454.7 million MAUs. It has successfully established its influence in overseas markets with more than 500 million users abroad, even launching localized apps and building teams overseas in places such as New Delhi, India; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Palo Alto, California; Singapore and Tokyo, Japan. According to App Annie, Meitu has repeatedly ranked as one of the top eight iOS non-game app developers globally from June 2014 to January 2017.


Founded in Italy in 1981 by Tonino Lamborghini, heir of the Lamborghini family, today the company headquarters are located in the magnificent Palazzo del Vignola, a Renaissance villa just outside Bologna's city walls.

Tonino Lamborghini has taken inspiration from his family heritage and his vast experience in mechanical and automotive engineering to develop a lifestyle experience brand with a range of luxury design products, including: watches, eyewear, smartphones, perfumes, furniture, clothing, sports accessories, golf carts, signature beverages, 5-star boutique hotels, real estate projects, lounges and restaurants.

For more than 35 years, Tonino Lamborghini has been a byword for Made in Italy lifestyle. By staying true to the tradition and heritage of the Lamborghini family, the Tonino Lamborghini Company seeks to promote distinctive Italian style and taste.

Uncompromising spirit, Italian ingenuity and design - together with the talent of a brand recognized throughout the globe as a beacon of luxury, exclusivity and Italian flair - are the values of the Tonino Lamborghini brand. The Italian company vision is to bring the passion and spirit of Italy to the global market with unique and distinctive products, inspired by the Italian industrial design and the Lamborghini family mechanical heritage.

Tonino Lamborghini, son of Ferruccio, was born in 1947 in Cento (Fe), Italy, and is today the President of the homonymous company.

His son Ferruccio Lamborghini, born in 1991 in Bologna, Italy, is the vice president and CEO of the Tonino Lamborghini Spa.


DISCLAIMER: Please consider that the Tonino Lamborghini companies and the registered trademark "Tonino Lamborghini", which brands luxury goods and services, shall not be confused with the car company founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini, Tonino Lamborghini's father. Thank you.

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