ITRI's Tech Innovation for COVID-19 Featured on Discovery Channel

TAIPEI, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- "Taiwan Revealed", a TV documentary series produced by Discovery Channel, premiered today in Taipei, highlighting Taiwan's technological innovations including the iPMx Molecular Rapid Test System developed by Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI). The story of iPMx presented in the "Biomedical Technology" episode is slated to be the first broadcast on Discovery Channel across Asia-Pacific on October 18 (10:00pm, UTC+8). The series is expected to reach about 3 million households in 33 countries throughout the region. Viewers can learn about how ITRI researchers have worked to develop this compact, accurate, and efficient solution for COVID-19 virus detection and how it can help in combating against the pandemic.

ITRI developed the world’s smallest molecular rapid test system iPMx for COVID-19 screening.
ITRI developed the world’s smallest molecular rapid test system iPMx for COVID-19 screening.


ITRI's VP and General Director of Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories Chii-Wann Lin commented that ITRI developed a rapid test device and reagent using a nucleic acid detection technique in the shortest time possible. "I'm glad that this fascinating story can be revealed on Discovery Channel, making the team's efforts and achievements more visible," he said. According to Dr. Lin, with its lightweight design and precise detection, iPMx is suitable for use in medical facilities or border checkpoints for rapid screening. He expects that the impact of iPMx can be expanded globally, thereby facilitating technological cooperation to help those in need curbing the deadly virus effectively.

iPMx adopts the qPCR approach with four key features: (1)High Precision: Accuracy is over 90%; (2)High Sensitivity: Virus can be detected in the early stage of infection; (3)Lightweight: The canister weighs only 600 grams, which is 57 times lighter than traditional testing devices; (4)High Efficiency: Only take one hour to complete the test, 1/4 the time needed by existing tests.

iPMx participated in the COVID-19 Proficiency Test of the Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics and demonstrated excellent performance by yielding correct results for all samples. The system has been granted the COVID-19 related EUA on Manufacturing of Medical Devices from TFDA. A trial production of 10 kits and 10,000 reagents was completed in August. With more intensive collaboration with industrial partners, mass production can be expected in 2021.

"Taiwan Revealed: Biomedical Technology" Broadcast Schedule

Taiwan: 18th Oct, Sun, 10PM
SEA: 1st Nov, Sun, 09:55PM
Japan: 25th Oct, Sun, 7PM
India: 24th Oct, Sat, 6PM
Australia: 1st Nov, Sat, 10:55PM
New Zealand: 1st Nov, Sat, 10:15PM

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