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iTutorGroup expands its education platform globally to fill a growing demand for virtual connectivity amid COVID-19

iTutorGroup expands its education platform globally to fill a growing demand for virtual connectivity amid COVID-19

SHANGHAI, May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With the development of online education, the trend towards integrating online and offline models has been strengthened. The current lockdown and school closures have pushed schools and training institutions to seek solutions in transforming its classes online. Considering the uncertainty of the pandemic, a surge in demand for better technology will continue to rise.

For most schools and education institutions in need, developing their own online system is impractical due to time and resource constraints. A optimal solution is to seek high-quality third-party platforms, that is, "to leave it to the professionals." Utilizing a proven b2b education platform provides schools and institutions with instant access to virtual classroom technology designed specifically for education scenarios.

Since 1998, iTutorGroup has been at the forefront of the online education space, operating online education brands including vipJr and TutorABC. Now, iTutorGroup is launching TutorMeet+, a proprietary video conferencing suite for education, to officially cater to the needs of schools and supplementary education service providers. This system was previously only available to learners at iTutorGroup.

Bringing the world a best-in-class solution

In recent years, the Business-to-business market in education has been highly valued by major firms, with both traditional offline education institutions and Internet companies vying for a seat at the table.

From Mofaxiao under Tomorrow Advancing Life (NYSE: TAL) and WeLearning launched by Tencent, to companies specializing in providing SaaS services such as Zoom, Agora and ClassIn. These companies target thousands of small and medium-sized educational institutions, aiming to participate in their transformation processes and gain a greater market share by providing them with the necessary tools.

iTutorGroup, which previously focused on providing education materials and services to end users, have now launched TutorMeet+ to enter into the education platform market to provide audio and video solutions for institutions to meet their online teaching needs.

With more than 10 core patents, TutorMeet+ is a virtual classroom platform that provides high-quality integrated interactive live broadcasting solutions for the industry, functions including real-time audio and video interaction, interactive whiteboard, instant messenger, intelligent voice detection and other features, making TutorMeet+ the ideal solution for K-12 online learning, online school-wide parent/teacher meetings, online vocational training and more. According to iTutorGroup, TutorMeet+ has been in service internally and for its customers for over 10 years, with more than 50 million classes held totally 1.8 billion minutes' of airtime.

Compared with other vertical SaaS service providers, TutorMeet+ is the most professional platform in the online education industry, giving it competitive advantages that few could match.

By providing more than 10 million online classes every year, the TutorMeet+ system has accumulated a large amount of valuable data. Analyzing and mining these data brings tremendous value to the improvement of learning efficiency and efficacy. TutorMeet+ is not only a technology platform, but also a deep integration of educational services. Since January of 2020, the TutorMeet+ online learning platform was officially released to assist offline training institutions and schools resume classes online, so that their students can enjoy uninterrupted learning from home.

Many public schools in China adopted TutorMeet+ to start online classes

At 8 am on Jan. 31, iTutorGroup began providing online classrooms for more than 300 senior high school students and teachers at a high school in Zhao County, Hebei province, helping it to resume classes ahead of schedule.

In February, third graders in Dingtao No.1 Middle School in Heze, Shandong province successfully launched two free courses in mathematics and English on TutorMeet+, with more than 1,000 attendees. In that same month, TutorMeet+ helped Shanghai Oriental Art Training School provide online lecture-style classes, the first time that TutorMeet+ has provided the platform for an specialized art education institution.

Live session pages on TutorMeet+
Live session pages on TutorMeet+

Responding to global demand, the technology platform is now available worldwide

During the pandemic, the Internet, electronic devices, and real-time audio and video applications have enabled consumers to enjoy a more active online lives, and a richer virtual world has emerged, including education, health care, IoT and more. Nearly 363 million students worldwide are affected by the pandemic, with 20% of pre-school and primary and secondary school students unable to attend school and 25% of higher education students suspended, UNESCO said in the data released on March 10.

Under these circumstances, iTutorGroup has decided to make the TutorMeet+ platform available for more institutions and schools around the world.

Recently, the performing arts organization DramaKids held a drama master class and invited the founder of the Children's Theatre of World, Gorman, to give an online lecture via TutorMeet+. The master class teachers conducted classes remotely, and found teaching on TutorMeet+ stable and convenient, streamlining the troupe's operations. They hope to continue using TutorMeet+ in the future.

Since the launch of the platform, TutorMeet+ has been adopted by the Asia Europe Business School of East China Normal University, Zhao Country No.6 Middle School in Hebei Province, Dingtao No.1 Middle School in Shandong Province, Shanghai Oriental Art Training School, MBA office of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Qisi Tutoring Club, Malaysia School for Taiwan Business People , Learning East Chinese Education Center in Thailand, and many other offline training institutions and other large primary and secondary schools.

It is reported that nearly 200 institutions, including more than 30 schools, have proposed to build online classrooms on the TutorMeet+ platform in the last two months. Currently, the TutorMeet+ team is offering classes for institutions from elementary to high school, reaching more than 40,000 students.

These achievements reflect the technical strength of the enterprise

TutorMeet+ is built and maintained by a large team of experts specializing in audio and video technology. The entire platform and its underlying architecture was independently developed and constantly upgraded.

With the latest WebRTC technology, TutorMeet+ provides a stable connection which helps to restore the sense of face-to-face communication. Also, servers are strategically located globally and constantly expanded as needs soar, allowing for the large bandwidth requirements by students and teachers at home and abroad.

TutorMeet+ has made substantial strides in the international market with its localization strategy. Continued development and improvement of the TutorMeet+ system would bring this leading online learning platform from China to the world, offering users greater conveniences and a preferred tool to tackle future education needs in the post pandemic world.

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