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IUIGA Sells 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks at Cost Price and Zero Profit

IUIGA Sells 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks at Cost Price and Zero Profit

SINGAPORE, March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- There's nothing quite like the behaviour of panic-stricken people – especially when it comes to hoarding. Let a hurricane churn to shore, and people flock to supermarkets to stockpile toilet papers, canned foods and sacks of rice for the end of days. Granted Singapore may be relatively safe from natural disasters, we're seeing the same effect with the Covid-19 situation all the same. In this pandemic, of all products being snatched up the quickest, there's certainly one in special demand: disposable face masks. In the face of global shortages, direct-to-consumer retailer IUIGA has managed to secure 500,000 units of 3-ply disposable face masks.

IUIGA 3-Ply Disposable Masks
IUIGA 3-Ply Disposable Masks

As the outbreak continues to unfold globally, the demand for this scarce commodity is at an all-time high. Anxious folks who weren't able to procure supplies previously turn to online sites and alternative sources – where face masks that are sometimes counterfeit, deceptively labelled or simply fail safety standards, are sold at many times the usual market prices.

Yet instead of leveraging on this scarcity to profit financially as a business, IUIGA is extending this latest shipment of supplies to the community at cost price, and absolute-zero profit. For those who are already familiar with this homegrown brand with heart, this should come as no surprise at all – it's just IUIGA sticking true to its roots of delivering meaningful value through honest products and transparent pricing.

Now available online and all IUIGA stores islandwide, each customer is entitled to just one box (50 masks) at S$22.61. This purchase restriction is enforced to dissuade hoarders and resellers, and a hopeful rally for a stronger sense of inclusivity to those who don't have supplies and really need it. IUIGA wholeheartedly believes that if more folks are able to get their hands on face masks easily and affordably, there will be no more room for resellers or retailers to hawk them at exorbitant prices. There is truly enough to go around for everyone – the young, the old and the sick, all included.

For small business owners who wish to purchase some supplies for their employees, a set of five boxes is available under bulk sale at a slightly higher price (S$34.90) – this is again to discourage resellers from profiting off IUIGA's well intentions.

Perhaps now more than ever, IUIGA's commitment to honest offerings and transparent pricing come more importantly. Though at its current capacity and scale of business, IUIGA may not be able to donate freely to the pandemic and those who are badly affected, the brand can certainly still start a small movement of empathy, and hope it ripples its way to bigger circles of people.

In the coming weeks, should there still be an urgent demand for disposable face masks, IUIGA is dedicated to continuing to source, secure and supply them as a form of social responsibility. After all, nothing brings more sense of purpose to the IUIGA team than uplifting the community with its efforts in these tough times – and always with radical transparency as a brand promise.

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IUIGA was born from the pursuit of true quality. Co-founded by five friends in 2017, the brand's products are thoughtfully hand-picked from some of the world's best, undiscovered manufacturers under their Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) business model. As an omnichannel retailer, IUIGA promises well-designed products at consumer-inclusive price points. By working closely with the manufacturers, the brand opens up opportunities to sell directly to consumers without incurring unnecessary costs by going through middlemen.

With radical transparency as modus operandi, IUIGA leads the honest pricing revolution to ultimately empower consumers with products that match form and function, with uncompromised quality and affordability – because, from one consumer to another, why pay so much for quality?

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