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iWedia Launches HbbTV Harness: A Streamlined testing tool for HbbTV Compliance

iWedia Launches HbbTV Harness: A Streamlined testing tool for HbbTV Compliance

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Nov. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- iWedia, a leading provider of cutting-edge software solutions for connected TV devices, is excited to extend its product portfolio with HbbTV Harness, a comprehensive tool enabling interoperability, conformance and certification testing for HbbTV hybrid digital TV receivers. This solution intends to fill a market gap with more efficient, feature-rich & cost-effective testing solution, enabling faster time-to-market while maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance within HbbTV environment.

Key features of the HbbTV Harness tool:

User-friendly interface: The HbbTV Harness Tool is designed with the end-user in mind, offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy testing activities management.

Modularity: This tool's modular structure allows for flexibility in selecting the specific test cases needed, making it a customizable and cost-effective solution.

Streamlined testing: With advanced features and tools, the HbbTV Harness Tool simplifies the testing and certification process, helping CE manufacturers bring compliant products to market more efficiently.

Time-to-market: By reducing the time and effort required for certification, this tool accelerates market launch time, enabling customers to stay competitive in the industry.

Quality and compliance: HbbTV Harness ensures that products meet the highest standards of quality and compliance with HbbTV specifications, delivering a superior viewing experience to end-users.

"We are delighted to present the HbbTV Harness Tool, which will empower CE manufacturers and with a comprehensive and efficient solution for HbbTV compliance," said Hans-Juergen Desor, iWedia CEO. "Our platform simplifies the certification process, saving time and resources while ensuring products adhere to the strictest standards of quality and compliance."

The HbbTV Harness Tool is tailored to meet the needs of CE manufacturers involved in HbbTV product certification. It provides a powerful toolset to streamline testing processes, reduce costs, and ultimately contribute to the success of HbbTV products in the market.

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