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Jairo Gonzalez Is The New King the Fintech in Latin America

Jairo Gonzalez story and how he became one of the most successful Dominican Professional Traders.

Through his brilliant ability for business and natural understanding of the movements of the indomitable financial markets of the world, Jairo Gonzalez has become one of the most successful Dominican Professional Traders. Jairo Gonzalez managed to achieve and become one of the most distinguished representatives for this region of important international brokers at the age of 28 years old only.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, with the restriction of traditional businesses and jobs, it helped to spread Trading throughout the world and this was the perfect opportunity for Jairo Gonzalez to take advantage of. This was done so by masterfully capitalizing on important opportunities offered by the market during the days of great uncertainty where everything seems to collapse.

Through the support of Fintech Technology, Jairo’s is showing the vision that he shared which is to open the gap and showing a viable path towards generating an economy. With a passion in the education sector, Jairo Gonzalez helps to teach thousands of young people the fundamentals of trading and other business options through new technologies such as negotiations through cryptocurrencies. This is done through the Trading Master Class event which is managed through online transmission across multiple digital channels and social networks.

A few projects that are currently handled by Jairo Gonzalez are Harvest Trading Cap Academy which acts as an education institution that helps to train thousands of students around the world in international financial markets with a variety of training courses. “With just 7 years of existence, Harvest Trading Cap Academy had trained more than 5,000 students in the use of cryptocurrencies,” said Jairo Gonzalez during an event where 6,000 scholarships were given to the mayors of different departments of El Salvador.

With a strong support for cryptocurrency, Jairo founded the first cryptocurrency in the Dominican Republic which was created on blockchain technology to help secure transactions as well as Harvest Cap Exchange which is a centralized online exchange marketplace for trading of cryptocurrencies, stock and other assets. In addition to that, Jairo also started Harvest Trading Cap SRl in 2016 which is dedicated to providing financial advice and management of investments in international financial markets or stock exchanges all around the world.

About Jairo Gozalez
Jairo Gozalez is a professional trader with a Master in Banking and Financial Markets, Financial Analyst, Economist and expert in international negotiations, Mini-MBA, and expert in stock and cryptocurrencies. Harvest Trading Cap SRL company which dedicates itself to financial advice in International Financial Markets was founded by Jairo Gonzalez , the CEO of the company in 2016. In addition to that, he also started an educational extension which is the Harvest Trading Cap Academy which helps to educate in personal financial management with a variety of specialized courses designed.

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