JALA.ai As a Solution For Property Business Sales in 2021

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, projected that economic growth in 2021 would grow by 4 to 5% in this explanation in the 2021 Indonesian Economic Outlook.

Mirfagah Iqbal - Explaining the importance of JALA.ai sales software
Mirfagah Iqbal - Explaining the importance of JALA.ai sales software

One of the sectors pushed to achieve this target is the property sector. This is as stated by the Director-General of Treasury, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Andin Hadiyanto, who explained that not all sectors were affected by the pandemic, one of which was the real estate sector, which grew 2% in the third quarter. Besides, this sector is also a concern in the National Economic Recovery Program (PEN).

For this reason, the property sector is required to be more adaptive and innovative to keep up with the rapid development of digital technology. JALA.ai is a company engaged in sales software development that was founded in 2019. JALA.ai offers solutions for developers to make it easier to manage sales of their property projects. JALA.ai sales application for property and dashboard for monitoring performance. Where management can in real-time monitor the development of existing prospects, team performance, and the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

"There are two main services offered by JALA.ai, JALA Assistant and JALA Dashboard. These two services synergize and are needed to help increase the effectiveness of sales levels, especially for the property business." Said Mirfagah Iqbal, CEO of JALA.ai.

JALA.ai services

In further explanation, Mirfagah explained that the JALA Assistant application is integrated with the back end developer system and contains data on product units sold to the customer database.

"The main problem for salespeople is that the data they get is not transparent and not in real-time. The system is still too manual for businesses that are entering the all-digital era." He explained.

With JALA Assistant, prospects that enter through online advertisements will be distributed directly to the HP of each sales representative in real-time. The follow-up process can be done in less than 5 minutes and the data has been recorded in the JALA.ai system. Mirfagah also shared data that 76% of JALA.ai clients are companies engaged in the property sector, where the follow-up process plays a very important role in the level of closing sales in the end.

"The advancement of digital technology is like two blades for developers. The reason is, if they do not immediately adapt and follow market trends, developers will be abandoned by their consumers. Market trends are now more active in browsing via the Internet, more practical and efficient. The lack here is the response time. which sometimes takes a long time, the hot lead could turn into cold lead caused by the follow-up process that takes ages. That's why response time is so important in the digital world. " Said Mirfagah.

More so, JALA Dashboard is also present as a solution to problem-solving property developer management in monitoring activities. Which in return very helpful especially for businesses that are still implementing WFH or restrictions on work entry. Performance monitoring problems can now be resolved through JALA Dashboard.

"JALA Dashboard is very useful for management, especially for businesses implementing WFH or online working systems. Monitoring activities can be done through the JALA Dashboard, sales team activities, prospects and the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns can be easily monitored in real-time. In addition, management decisions can also be made more quickly by looking at the performance of each indicator available on the Dashboard. " explain Mirfagah.

In further explanation, JALA.ai also offers full custom services that can adapt to the needs of the business ecosystem and connect with company ERP. The service is named JALA Enterprise.

"JALA Enterprise is suitable for companies that need complete customization to suit the needs of their business ecosystem and ERP. JALA Assistant and JALA Dashboard will later be adjusted according to business needs, so both management and sales teams will not find it difficult because the system is still the same. Only made easier and faster using the application. " Mirfagah explained further.

Client Affirmations

President Director of PT. Mustika Land, David Sudjana shared his experience using JALA.ai in his property business. According to his presentation, JALA.ai helps his business continue to grow and keep up with the flow of digital developments in the market.

"In its development, for business to survive we must follow market trends and developments. Where everything must be accessible via the Internet and required to be fast-paced in responding to incoming inquiries. Here JALA.ai's role is crucial for the business, both in terms of management and sales team, the obstacles that are usually faced such as reports that take a long time, lost the data, turn-over rate and etc. All this problem can be solved using JALA.ai." Said david.

David emphasized that JALA.ai can be a solution, especially for business people in the property sector. Where the nurturing process takes a long time, but with the right tools, it won't be a problem. Besides, all client data and records can be stored neatly in the database and sales will also make it easier to follow-up with each prospect. David stated that his business runs more smoothly & effortlessly because almost any sales process can be covered in JALA.ai.

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