Japanese Wealth Management Company SIG Management Announces New 1 Million USD Scholarship Program for Students from Underprivileged Families

TOKYO, Dec. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SIG Management, a prominent wealth management company based in Tokyo, Japan that believes the development of the local community is important, which is why they are constantly investing into local communities.

SIG Management has dedicated 1 million (USD) into a mixture of grants, internships and scholarships for students that come from low-income families and do not have access to private university education.

"During the next year SIG Management will give over 100 students the opportunity to access full-time private education in the top universities in Tokyo. The move is to help the less advantaged that come from lower socioeconomic background," commented Mr. Emishi Yasotaro, Head of Economic Research at SIG Management.

"Regardless of your background if you are a bright individual with passion and determination to succeed, that is what we recognize and should not go unnoticed which is why we are giving back to our communities," Mr. E Yasotaro added.

The scholarship will be awarded for a full financial academic course that can be continued depending on he/she's academic performance that will continue into an internship at the company.

Mr. Mitsui Soshitsu, Chief Executive Officer at SIG Management highlighted that the company will continue to invest in its local communities and help the success of the company in the long-term future.

About SIG Management

SIG Management is leading independent wealth Management Company offering services to both private clients and corporate institutions. We are fully committed not just to our clients, but also to the environment and the local community since we were founded in 2007.     

For further information about SIG Management, visit www.sig-management.com/

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