JC Group Chairman Jay Wei to Speak at 9 World Leading Universities

The goal is to give today's youth generation a needed wake-up call

His speech has made many who chose to cut their studies short and enter the work world early regret their decision

HANGZHOU, China, Sept. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- There are many times in life when we think "I wish I had known this earlier." Especially at such critical moments, when a person enters the "real world" - the work world - they are still like a sheet of white paper, and the first words that are written on this sheet may be the ones that most profoundly affect his or her whole life.

There may be difficulties for young people when entering the "real world" - various people may offer them suggestions, however they may not be prepared to deal with those problems in society independently, and may face problems dealing with daily life. Secondly they may "bend" to the many rules and values of society and simply follow the crowd and be able to stand out.

JC Group Chairman Jay Wei said that these two scenarios are not what high-quality university graduates expect to see happening to themselves, and he hopes to help young people wake up and become accustomed to the environment of the real world and to what they need to do every day. For this reason, Jay Wei embarked on his Global Circuit Speech in Institutes of Higher Education - a speaking tour with stops at nine of the world's leading universities, with the aim of sounding a wake -up call to the young people of today.

These abilities are key when entering the "real world"

The first is professional knowledge. After several years in school, university graduates will walk away with an excellent academic background - professional knowledge - which, however, only accounts for one third of the abilities graduates will need. More importantly, it is necessary to acquire social knowledge across industries, in other words, gain a good understanding across many sectors, not just the sector they are narrowly interested in.

After acquiring both professional and cross-industry social knowledge, you also need management ability which accounts for the final third. People with strong management ability can manage a team, while those who may find themselves lacking in the ability to manage others should at least at least know how to or learn how to manage themselves and find a balance between their professional life and their social life, so that they can become a truly useful person.

-- Jay Wei at Tsinghua University in Beijing in the autumn of 2016

JC Group Chairman Jay Wei to Speak at 9 World Leading Universities
JC Group Chairman Jay Wei to Speak at 9 World Leading Universities

China needs talented individuals with true inner strength

You should not concern yourself with unfairness in the real world, neither should you focus on what you may perceive as the lack of opportunities or excessive unknowns. You were born into a world of unknowns and all the things you can perceive today are only a part of what is actually visible to you. You still have wisdom and skills which can help you see what others can't see. When you become capable of doing something you were not capable of doing before, the value and esteem that you place on yourself will go up, and what you have previously learned will become meaningful. What kind of young people will China need in the future? My answer is those with true inner strength.
When China's best products can easily become world-class luxuries, that will be, I believe, when our efforts at globalization and our future will be headed in the right direction. With light, we have the world, where the responsibility for the further development of civilization is now falling to China. The world's eyes are all on China at this critical time. China has a group of young people who have true inner strength and it is their duty to work together.

-- Jay Wei at Tsinghua University in Beijing in the autumn of 2016

Jay Wei delivers a speech at Wuhan University in 2016
Jay Wei delivers a speech at Wuhan University in 2016

How to understand your work?

When you enter the real world, the amount of effort you are willing to make or the lack of such effort will dictate the level of social development. When the will is lacking, it will lead to a lowering of standards and a deficit in innovation for a long time to come. No company in the world can become a leader by relying on reinforced concrete. I hope that all of you can be imbued with the spirit of craftsmanship not only when studying but also after you enter the real world. Without craftsmanship as a driver, it is possible for a whole generation of people see history go backwards, what we call historical retrogression.

-- Jay Wei Tongji University in Shanghai in the autumn of 2016

What do companies require of young people?

At our company, I have three requirements for them: being able to understand, to do it and to grow. JC Group has now established a presence for itself in the world and we hope to lead a group of young people in creating a pioneering business model. I believe the members of today's young generation will be the most important group of consumers in the future. Only by satisfying their needs and better reflecting their standards can our values and models become really effective. Otherwise, all aspects of a culture become stereotyped, while all entertainment is dumbed down to satisfy the lowest common denominator. This would certainly lead to a gloomy future for China. I hope that JC Group can provide an ideal platform for Chinese young people who want to develop their careers.

-- Jay Wei at Xiamen University in Xiamen in the autumn of 2016

Jay Wei delivers a speech at Xiamen University
Jay Wei delivers a speech at Xiamen University

Jay Wei kicks off a dialog with the world

"Individuals are undoubtedly small and vulnerable. Through JC Group as a company and myself as an individual as well as the people around me, we can have an effect and the game will no longer be one-sided. I consider this like a stone that I throw it into the river of history, which may end in silence after creating ripples for a few seconds or generate huge waves that can change the world."

This year, Jay Wei will visit nine leading universities in nine cities across eight countries and regions for a "World, I" - themed dialog with young people worldwide.

The nine universities that he will visit are the University of Hong Kong, the National University of Singapore, Seoul National University, the University of Tokyo, Stanford University, Harvard University, the University of Oxford, National Taiwan University and Peking University. The speech targets students studying abroad as well as overseas Chinese and has as a goal the expansion of the influence of China on the world stage.

This is a road that no one has ever traveled. Jay Wei's Global Circuit Speech officially kicked off in Hong Kong on September 26th, inviting those who are concerned about the future and their destiny and willing to take this meaningful trip together.

JC Group Chairman Jay Wei to Speak at 9 World Leading Universities
JC Group Chairman Jay Wei to Speak at 9 World Leading Universities

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