Jebsen Group Releases Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018, Positive Participation as a Catalyst for Sustainable Growth

HONG KONG, Sept. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Jebsen Group (Jebsen), a leading brand builder in Greater China, releases the CSR Report 2018 today, a review of its corporate social responsibility efforts in 2017. Social responsibility is part of the Jebsen 123-year heritage, where it is always looking to optimise both its commercial and social value. This year marks the 10th annual issue of the Jebsen CSR report. Jebsen will continue to keep its commitment to support the growth of its people, organisation, and local community.

Jebsen Group Releases Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018
Jebsen Group Releases Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018

This report summarises Jebsen's current efforts and future aspirations to the environment, its staff and local community -- across its six business lines: Beverage, Consumer, Industrial, Motors, Logistics and Jebsen Capital.

Jebsen's total investment in CSR climbed to HKD 5 million in 2017. It organised a total of 77 volunteer and philanthropic events, attracting 806 attendees. Activities like the sight saving programme "Project Morning Star", arts for children with autism's "Life is Art", educational programmes with well-regarded universities in Greater China, staff development programmes, and environment conservation programmes were organised in 2017.

"Project Morning Star"

"Project Morning Star" was launched in 2011 in partnership with Orbis. After achieving great success in the partnership's first past five years, Jebsen decided to continue its partnership for the next five years with Phase 2 of the project.

In the current second phase of "Project Morning Star", Jebsen is investing RMB 7.4 million to fund China's first "National Model of Comprehensive Rural Eye Care Network Building Project" -- initiated by the National Institute of Hospital Administration (NIHA), in collaboration with Orbis.

By the end of 2017, a total of 11 field trips with over 125 Jebsen volunteers visited project sites in Yunnan, Guangdong, Gansu, Shandong, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and Anhui provinces.

"Life is Art"

Launched in 2014, Jebsen's "Life is Art" Programme has focused on providing care to children with autism. Through art experiences, Jebsen hopes to break the barrier between the public and these children, so that they can live more fulfilling and positive lives.

In 2017, Jebsen carried out a series of art activities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. In the past four years, the "Life is Art" programme has benefited 384 children by offering 286 art courses with the support of 341 Jebsen volunteers.

Supporting Education

As always, Jebsen continued its support of higher education. Jebsen plans to donate RMB 1 million in total, from 2015 till 2019, to Nankai University for the second phase of the Nankai-Jebsen Education Fund, awarding remarkable students and teachers in their fields.

As a long-term supporter of HKUST, Mr. Hans Michael Jebsen, the Group Chairman, has served on the HKUST Business School Advisory Council since 2011. In September 2017, Mr. Jebsen was appointed as the council's Chairman. Jebsen believes it is important to cultivate students' creativity and help them reach their full potential.

Commitment to staff

Jebsen always considers its employees as one of its most valuable assets for sustainable growth. In 2017, Jebsen launched the "Polish Your Hero Gadget" campaign, encouraging employees to nominate their workmates who bring vitality to their jobs and lives as Jebsen Heroes. A total of 115 employees were awarded.

In 2017, Jebsen invested almost HKD 16.8 million in staff training, and 756 people were trained with over 4,000 shared training hours. In 2016, Jebsen launched a brand-new training programme named "J Inspire", expanding employees' exposure to the latest knowledge about their work. In 2017, Jebsen organised 11 "J Inspire" lectures with a total of 373 participants.

Jebsen keeps its commitment of offering equal employment opportunities and attracting diverse talents. In 2017, among 2,204 employees in Greater China, a total of 47.8% of the employees and 45.4% of management staff were female.

In 2017, the Group continued the 3C model (Care, Cheers, and Celebrate), advocating for positive attitudes towards work and life. Jebsen organised 36 staff activities, plus 11 lunch time seminars, attracting a total of 3,275 participants, to foster happier minds and healthier bodies to guide employees in maintaining their physical and mental wellness.

Environmental Conservation

Commitment to the environment is another core area of Jebsen's CSR endeavours as it aims to strengthen sustainable development in five focus areas like Carbon Management, Green Office, Green Initiation, and Nature Experience. In 2017, Jebsen Group emissions of CO2-e totalled 9,626 tonnes, with carbon intensity having decreased by 10% compared to the 2009 baseline level. Meanwhile, Jebsen continues to invest in two climate friendly projects, and purchased 9,145 tonnes of carbon credit to achieve carbon neutrality.

To promote green and healthy living, Jebsen offers consumers a variety of green products and services including home and building products, as well as water purifiers. Internally, Jebsen organised a series of environmental protection activities like soap DIY workshops and marine education. As a founding member and double Diamond Member of the WWF Corporate Membership Program (CMP) in Hong Kong since 2000, Jebsen has proudly participated in Earth Hour for nine consecutive years – turning off non-essential lights, neon signs, billboards and computers at Jebsen locations across the region for an hour during the global event.

Jebsen has been honoured to receive the consistent positive perception of its CSR programs by its staff, as expressed in the company's 2018 Employee Insight Surveys.

Helmuth Hennig, Group Managing Director of Jebsen said, "Anything we did, we said, we shared has been with our best wishes to the society. After over 120 years in business, we are very convinced that being an active and positive contributor to the communities we operate in is the right thing to do."

Jebsen's efforts in corporate social responsibility received recognition from our communities in 2017. The accolades included "CarbonCare® Label", "10 Years Plus Caring Company", "2017 China Enterprise Social Responsibility Project Excellence", "2017 Responsible Brand Award", "Excellent CSR Practices of Foreign-Invested Enterprises in China", "2017 Hong Kong Community Volunteers Highest Participation Bronze Award", and "2016/2017 Hong Kong Sustainability Award".

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