Jenevieve Lenz: Financial Advisor & Resource Group Help Women Business Owners

Women business owners get the support of financial planning expert, Jenevieve Lenz, and her resource group of professional advisors to help them gain control of their financial future.

To business associates, clients, and colleagues, First Financial Group’s Jenevieve Lenz appears to be in perpetual motion. In addition to her career as a highly sought-after financial planning expert, she lives a very full life. When she’s not caring for her children and elderly relatives, or volunteering time at her church or local community group, she’s interviewing women for a book (scheduled for release in 2022) to help other women in business.

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A typical week for this high-energy finance industry professional will always include work toward fulfilling her passion – helping other women in business. And Jenevieve is uniquely positioned to do that effectively. She’s an active member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). But her work goes well beyond her membership in this and other professional associations. Jenevieve has been supporting family owned business owners and entrepreneurs for many years.

She also has practical, on-the-ground, daily experience providing valuable financial advisory services for her clients. She hears and understands the challenges and successes of other women in all types of businesses. She can even lay claim to a “specialty” in that a significant number of her clients are medical professionals who own and run their own practice. Jenevieve says of her clients, “It’s extremely rewarding to work with such a great, diverse group of women and help them achieve their financial goals.”

But what makes Jenevieve’s efforts on behalf of her clients even more impactful is that she leverages a large network of professional advisors. Working with this team of experts is an essential aspect of serving her clients. Her resource group includes CPAs, attorneys, tax experts, bankers, and other business and marketing advisors, making her a “go to” resource for other women business owners and professionals. Jenevieve says, “I may not be the right advisor to help a client in a given situation, but odds are pretty good that I know the right partner who can. My clients are continuously overjoyed with this kind of all-encompassing support assistance.”

It’s not only her willingness to share access to her credentialed and experienced network of professional advisors that differentiates her with clients. It’s Jenevieve’s ongoing effort to provide financial education that sets her apart in helping both clients, and those who are not yet clients, but are eager to learn. She leverages her extensive business experience including over fifteen years in the finance industry to condense practical, immediately applicable concepts into a brief lunchtime webinar at least once a month.

Jenevieve’s monthly lunch and learn webinar series covers more financial planning ground in 40 minutes than most attendees have heard in years. In a world where most people spend more time planning for their summer vacations than they do planning their retirement, many find it’s time well spent. It also highlights Jenevieve’s affinity for teaching these pragmatic concepts and helping people apply them during their employment or in a business that they own and run. The positive feedback she gets from many attendees underscores her ability to simplify and clarify the often complex world of financial planning.

Topics Jenevieve regularly addresses include understanding and planning for retirement risks – how inflation, taxes, market volatility, personal health and healthcare, and different life events impact your financial future. She explains how retirement accounts (401k, 403b, TSP, and IRA) can be protected from volatility, how to think about the impact of rising health care costs and the inevitability of rising taxes and living longer on one’s savings.

Other staples of Jenevieve’s educational webinars include achieving better cash flow by increasing after tax returns. She uses a practical approach to future income. What employees and employers appreciate is her understanding and ability to explain the impact of the CARES Act and some tax laws, as well as other estate planning considerations like trusts, living wills, life insurance, and property disposition.

Jenevieve encourages planning in advance for what matters – home, relationships, lifestyle, health, money, and retirement – and shows webinar attendees how they can take a “whole life” approach with financial planning. And she doesn’t shy away from addressing even life’s toughest challenges, like the loss of a spouse or business partner and how to have adequate income succession and wealth transfer plans in place.

Jenevieve makes it clear that she does not do all this alone. She says, “I make good use of my talented and experienced business resource group. I am central to the organization of each of my clients’ financial lives, and I bring in the additional resources with the appropriate knowledge and experience for specific aspects of the plan.”

Helping women in business remains Jenevieve’s passion and she spends a significant amount of personal time providing financial guidance to women business owners and professionals. In addition to her work as a financial advisor with First Financial Group, she dedicates time to the education of women, and helping the next generation of women business owners. She has volunteered her expertise giving financial education lectures at local organizations, including Girl Scouts of America and George Mason University.

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