JIINTECH started market development to Southeast Asia, with high temperature and humidity, by obtaining orders for Modular Type Cooling Monitoring System

SEOUL, South Korea, April 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- JIINTECH (CEO: Jihyun Park) is a comprehensive security monitoring system company that is gathering attention by providing young, innovative and differentiated systems in the fast growing digital security monitoring system market.

The cooling solution, one of the core technologies of JIINTECH, is composed of a modular dehumidifier and electronic cooling camera housing, which is a cooling monitoring system, and its advantages are being environmentally friendly without pollutants, having a long life span and not creating vibration or noise due to the cooling method using semi-conductor thermoelement. The Korean electronic housing technology that can protect monitoring cameras and communication equipment in extreme environments stands out.

When the temperature inside machine circuits rises in high temperature and humidity, such problems as malfunction occur, which JIINTECH has focused on while developing products. After continuous research and development, JIINTECH obtained core technology and a patent that can affect the performance and life span of electronic devices by developing the cooling housing with the use of heat resistant materials. Recently in Indonesia, which has high temperature and high humidity, the modular dehumidifier of JIINTECH was installed for the housing that stores communication devices, such as those for traffic of regular roads. The existing problem was that the communication equipment in the housing had frequent defects due to high temperature and humidity. In the past, the heat inside the housing was released through a fan, but still the problem wasn't solved. Therefore, JIINTECH recommended the dehumidifier housing developed with the heat resistant feature technology patent (No. 10-1740372), solving the defect in the communication equipment.

Intellectual Property right of JIINTECH
Intellectual Property right of JIINTECH

It is the product that enters into a new market by applying heat resistance and insulation to the monitoring system. The cooling monitoring system that can be used in extreme environments of high temperature and humidity is a modular type, which is easy to install and maintain. In addition, it has electronic housing, so it is more economical than the existing air-cooling type and water-cooling type housing by protecting internal equipment from extreme external temperature as long as electricity is provided. It has differentiated competitiveness with its sturdy structure.

There were camera defects every 6 months to 1 year in the cameras in the outskirts of Vietnam Airport due to the environment of high temperature and humidity. This is very short life span considering that the life span of regular cameras is mostly 2 to 5 years. To solve this problem, they installed the electronic cooling camera of JIINTECH in June 2017, and they have used it without problems so far. The characteristic of this product is to prevent heat damage of security cameras installed in the hot environment.

Meanwhile, Jihyun Park, the president of JIINTECH that has developed over 20 related intellectual properties within 8 years, said, "We provide the optimal solutions aiming to realize what clients need quickly. Since we provide solutions rather than simply manufacturing, we can provide the customized optimum solution within a short period of time by judging suitability on what clients want. This is the secret of quick success of JIINTECH."

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