"Jin Yong and Zhejiang" Themed Exhibition Launched Online

WENZHOU, China, Nov. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Jin Yong is one of the greatest Chinese wuxia (martial arts and chivalry) novelists since the 1950s. He is a writer, a critic, and an activist. More importantly, he has become a globally known cultural symbol of Chinese people that Hongkongers take much pride in. Zhejiang province, as the hometown of Jin Yong, has appeared in his novels many times. Jin Yong was born in Haining, Zhejiang province. He later moved to Quzhou for study and grew up in Hangzhou. His teenage time has made him deeply attached to his hometown. Both Zhejiang and Hong Kong are the origins of inspirations for Jin Yong's works. Based on this, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has come up with the idea to design an online exhibition to unveil the beauty of Zhejiang, the legendary martial arts novelist Jin Yong's hometown, to the Hongkongers.

On November 9, 2021, the "Jin Yong and Zhejiang" online exhibition under the theme of "Picturesque Zhejiang" was officially launched online. Based on the special connection between Jin Yong and his hometown, the online exhibition will guide the audience through the narratives in the novels that mention Zhejiang. The Hong Kong audience will be able to see a vivid "Picturesque Zhejiang" and to know why Jin Yong found this place so fascinating.

"Jin Yong and Zhejiang" online exhibition introduces 11 cities of Zhejiang province one by one and shares the stories between Jin Yong and these places, about the landscape, the people, and the history. There is the magnificent view of the Yanguan Tidal Wave, the lingering scent of Shaoxing Yellow Wine, the stretching ancient Xianxia path, and the misty beauty of Nanhu Lake. From all these, the audience will understand Jin Yong's love for his homeland and how he described these places in his works. The online exhibition is presented in the traditional Chinese style. Plenty of eye-catching videos, pictures, and texts are provided to fully showcase the beauty of Zhejiang, the hometown much cherished by Jin Yong deeply in his heart.

Over the decades of his writing career, Jin Yong has thoughtfully expressed his strong feelings towards his hometown in his heroic and intriguing stories, where the readers will find an ingenious mix of reality and fiction. Stories in the novels may not be real, but the picturesque view and the folk customs are nothing but real. Enjoy the "Jin Yong and Zhejiang" online exhibition to recall what's written in the books and experience the authentic, vivid and beautiful Zhejiang.

Click on the link to view the online exhibition http://bog3dcg.epub360.com.cn/v2/manage/book/3mrbx5/