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JINERGY N-type PV technology, debuts at Genera and drives local cooperation

JINERGY N-type PV technology, debuts at Genera and drives local cooperation

MADRID, Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In the recently closed Genera Energy and Environment International Trade Fair 2023 ("Fair"), Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinergy") debuted with its TOPCon solar modules, intending to drive local cooperation with powerful N-type technology and customized products fitting for the local clean energy solutions.


The past year 2022 was regarded as the first year of the concentrated outbreak of N-type technology. Expert forecast shows that the shipping share of N-type solar modules in 2023 will increase to around 25%-30%. With the expediting technological iteration, N-type products were highlights at the Fair.


During the critical stage of the iterative development of N-type technology, Jinergy will focus on developing the more potential HJT technology, while planning the production of TOPCon solar modules, as a PERC product iteration, HJT technology supplement, as well as more diversified and differentiated installed capacity options for customers, and ultimately aim to achieve the optimal product solutions to the present installed capacity for customers.

Looking into the future technical roadmap in the industry, Dr. YANG LIYOU stated, "Along with the increasing industrial penetration of N-type solar modules, differentiated N-type products will turn into key competitiveness at the next stage and Jinergy will continue to discover the value potential of N-type products with great efforts." With fully developed N-type HJT and TOPCon product solutions, Jinergy concentrates on studying cutting-edge technologies to enhance the value and benefit of the installed capacity.


Jinergy keeps perfecting its product ecosystem and continues to develop "Jinergy Design Series (JDS)" products, design product solutions with better application value, produce products with better fit for the end users, and present global customers extraordinary product performance that is built on its solid strength.

"JDS modules are widely used in landscape projects requiring great visual aesthetics, such as villa roof, landscape enclosure, and urban ground carport, and are able to produce high-quality residential clean energy for the end users," explained by Ben.YU, Jinergy Overseas Sales and Global Market Director, at the Fair site. The all-black solar modules offer a better fit for visual aesthetics demands of European customers, and provide customization services to meet diversified application scenario demands.

According to Dr. YANG LIYOU, General Manager of Jinergy, as a previously established new energy market in Europe, Spain displays great market potential. Therefore, Chinese clean energy providers with cutting-edge technology and great research, development and manufacturing capability are delighted to get closer to the European market and to provide local users in Spain with products more meeting their demands.

About Jinergy

Founded on December 31, 2013, Jinneng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. ("Jinergy") is one of companies of Jinneng Holding Group, a coal giant ranking the third place in the world. Since 2019, Jinergy has been named a Tier 1 Module Supplier in Global PV by the prestigious research institute Bloomberg Finance Energy News (BNEF) for four successive years, establishing itself as a global high-quality module supplier.

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