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Jing-A's 8x8 Brewing Project is Back for 2023, Tickets Are on Sale Now

Jing-A's 8x8 Brewing Project is Back for 2023, Tickets Are on Sale Now

BEIJING, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- If there's one good thing 2023 has brought back to China, it's been big festivals. There's no kind of festival more plentiful than that of beer themed events, with a great many having happened in the first half of the year already.

For the first time in three years, the 2023 Jing-A 8x8 Brewing Project is back in action, with Jing-A inviting 8 leading craft breweries from China and 8 breweries representing the pioneers of New Hops from Australia and New Zealand.

From October 13th to October 14th, 16 domestic and foreign craft beer brands will gather in Beijing for a two-day beer festival. Each brewery will bring their flagship products and debut 8 innovative limited release collaboration brews. All combined, there's a total of 136 different beers to try at 8x8.

Crazy creativity and crazy fun is the goal of Jing-A craft beer.

The beers presented at the 8x8 Brewing Project represent the cutting-edge brewing trends from around the world. From wild yeast, hazy and sour beers to craft styles you've never tried before, to the most popular hops and even strange brewing techniques, the festival never fails to showcase a variety of new and exciting options.

Eight novel blends, creative concepts revealed in advance

This year's blending program includes eight globally limited beers, which will be available throughout the two-day event.

No.18 Brewing Co. & Mountain Culture: Pacific Rim Double Hazy IPA
Ye Brewing Co. & 8 Wired: The Farmhouse Sour Ale
Wild West & Bridge Road Brewers: Why fight it? Double Hazy IPA.
Hopscraft & Blackman's Brewery: Octeabierfest
Mahanine & Hop Nation: Mahanation's Flower
E.T. Brewery & Wildflower: Table Beer Blend
Jing-A Brewing Co. & Garage Project: Ghost Whisper NZ Style Double Hazy Thiolised IPA
Bubble Lab & Range Brewing: The other Range Double Hazy IPA

It's all about the beers and the party at 8x8

It's not just beer tasting to look forward to, but a whole lot of food and entertainment as well. There will be special snacks to pair said beers, and live DJs to liven up the atmosphere.

There will also be on-site nail and tattoo artists, Jing-A specialty projects, coffee with a bit of art, and much more.

Scan the QR code in the image to purchase tickets and join 8x8.


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