Jiuye SCM Keeping it Cool with 'One-Stop' Fresh Supply Chain Management System at FBIC 2019

SHANGHAI, April 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Jiuye Supply Chain Management ("Jiuye SCM"), China's leading fresh supply chain provider, joined the 2019 Global Food & Beverage Innovation Conference ("FBIC") from April 10 to 12 in Shanghai. Keynote speaker, Zhang Bing, CEO of Jiuye SCM, attended the event's CEO Club industry forum to discuss the challenges faced by international cold chain companies and the importance of one-stop management innovation.

Zhang Bing, CEO of Jiuye SCM, at the CEO Club 2019 Global Food & Beverage Innovation Conference (“FBIC”)
Zhang Bing, CEO of Jiuye SCM, at the CEO Club 2019 Global Food & Beverage Innovation Conference (“FBIC”)

According to data from Credit Suisse Group, the middle-class population in China surpassed 100 million to become the largest in the world in 2018, resulting in significant challenges for the Chinese F&B industry as they struggle to keep pace with the increasing demand for healthy produce and quality imported food.

"International fresh food suppliers often experience logistical challenges when entering the Chinese market," said Zhang. "To overcome these challenges, ensure food safety, and quality for internationally sourced fresh produce, a sophisticated logistics system and an unbroken cold chain is essential."

Investing in the latest technologies, Jiuye SCM supports producers to create tailor-made cold chain management systems that can enable fresh produce to be delivered from supplier to door in just 48 hours.

Taking care of delicate fresh produce through the entire logistics chain, Jiuye worked closely with suppliers from the United States, Canada and Kyrgyzstan to create a tailor-made system for cherry producers. From May to October is the peak season for cherry imports in China. Jiuye SCM has created a tailor-made service system for cherry producers, taking care of the delicate fresh produce through the entire logistic chain, including customs clearance at the airport, warehousing and finally delivery to the consumers.

48 hours to ship cherries from Canada to Chinese homes
48 hours to ship cherries from Canada to Chinese homes

Utilizing Jiuye's real-time digital management system, producers were able to ensure a premium level of quality for Chinese customers by transporting cherries from Canada to end consumers' plates via controlled cold storage in just 48 hours. Replicating the "one-stop" cold chain logistics solution across industries, the company has expanded its solutions to meet the needs of fresh produce suppliers globally from dairy products in California to meat products from Argentina.

In China, Jiuye SCM manages 29 "cloud warehouses" for smart cold storage and 1,500 cold chain storage units in hundreds of cities nationwide. Each warehouse is connected via IoT technology to create a network that can be managed online to deliver products to thousands of retailers nationally, thus reducing waste and ensuring perishable products such as seafood, meat, dairy products, fruits, flowers, ice creams and wines arrive fresh and on-time.

Jiuye SCM has also stepped up efforts in enhancing its digital logistics management system to better tap into the fast-growing e-commerce sector. Jiuye SCM has served a range of e-commerce retail channels in China, such as Freshhema of Alibaba Group.

Jiuye SCM was the official fresh cold chain logistics service provider for FBIC 2019.

About Jiuye SCM

Jiuye Supply Chain Management, founded in 2014, is a leading one-stop cold-chain fresh service platform in China that integrates cutting-edge technology to meet growing consumer demand. The Jiuye developed Cloud Platform enables all parties in the supply chain to connect in real-time, making visual mobilization and collaboration possible. http://www.jiuyescm.com

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