Survey Shows 63 Per cent of Employers Gained Optimistic Outlook Post General Election 14

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, July 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --, Asia's No.1 Online Job Distribution Platform, has launched its "General Election 14 (GE14) Salary Survey Report", which indicates more than 63 per cent of employers have gained a more optimistic outlook after the General Election 14 and 36 per cent of the employers are considering 3 to 5 per cent salary increment.

According to the survey on, greater job opportunities are expected than what was available before GE14:

  • 48 per cent of Malaysian employers indicating an increase in hiring activity, which was a 12 per cent increase before GE14.
  • 15 per cent of the employers surveyed have mentioned that they will maintain the same hiring level after the GE14.
  • 36 per cent of the employers are considering 3 to 5 per cent salary increment in 2018.

The survey also shows the growing confidence correlates with an increase in job postings -- an 11 per cent increased after GE14, in which executive level job postings contributed 5 per cent to the overall growth. Malaysia's Country Manager Carmen Chong said that they are seeing employers sharing a more optimistic outlook towards the job market after GE14.

"The key drivers of this sentiment are the rise of the confidence on the economic growth, expansion of local businesses and entry of foreign companies that will lead to job creation and the need for diversified skills."

"Therefore, we can expect both hiring activities and salary increment to pick up after GE14."

She added that in times of increased hiring activity, employers should look into emerging needs of employees as pull factors to be competitive in talent attraction and retention to gain operational efficiency.

"Essentially, it is important for employers to find a balance between employees' desired benefits and offered benefits to be able to retain and attract talent, salary increment just the first step to attract potential talents."

The report revealed the expected salary adjustment after the GE14. It is useful for employers as their hiring guide, by offering the right salary to attract the right talents.

Beside the salary increment, the other top three benefits desired by employees are medical insurance, transportation allowance and retirement fund.

Click here to view and download the report.

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