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Jockey Club Engage Digital Exploration – Elevating Digital Marketing for local NGOs

Jockey Club Engage Digital Exploration –  Elevating Digital Marketing for local NGOs

Re-think, Re-position, Re-align digital marketing strategy for NGOs

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach  - 9 November 2021 - The global pandemic and its far-reaching effects have caused uncertainty and intense stress throughout the world.  NGOs are adapting to the new normal to re-think and re-position conventional approaches to operations and services.  Cultivating a mindset for digital transformation is essential to walk out from the woods and digital marketing is one of the cornerstones. However, NGOs seldom have a marketing budget let alone a digital one.  Digital marketing is far more than sending emails and sharing posts on social media; many NGOs that ACS worked with have expressed their challenges and desire to reach and convert audiences online.  Digital marketing can be a game-changer in a budget-constrained and resource-starved NGO environment.  One can start small, learn from the data insights and optimize with the new strategies.

JC ENGAGE Digital Exploration  (JC ENGAGE), funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, has unveiled the first Digital Campaign Series in August 2021. The program equips NGOs with digital marketing skills by leveraging a strategic framework developed by marketing professionals and ACS volunteers.  

In August 2021, 36 NGO participants and 28 skill-based volunteers started their digital campaign journey with ACS. Through the eLearning, brainstorming, and half-day interactive workshop, NGOs gain insights into social marketing, experience how to make impactful data-driven decisions, and develop an integrated digital marketing strategy.  On August 31, 11 NGO teams presented their digital campaign ideas in front of a judging panel and the following teams stood out to win a 30k budget each to kickstart their own digital campaign.   All the NGOs also received pro-bono small group coaching from marketing agencies, Echo Asia Communications Ltd, and New Century Marketing.

We are grateful to serve the following NGOs:  Andiappan Yoga Community, Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, Chatteris Educational Foundation, DADs Network Limited, Education for Good Foundation Limited, Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor, Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children, Mind Hong Kong, Pneumoconiosis Mutual Aid Association, Project Space Limited, The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection, WYNG Foundation.

We strongly believe that with the training, coaching, and budget support, NGOs would be better positioned to execute successful digital campaigns.


Key highlights from our judge panelists in our last workshop for a winsome digital campaign

"In your digital engagement, think from the shoes of your audience, how does your message can attract, motivate and touch them." -Daisy Lee, Senior Lecturer & Assistant Programme Director, PolyU (SPEED)

"Ensure you have an "easy" DO component in your framework that your audience can immediately action upon - remember Think-Feel-Do trio." -Norbert Woo, Business Advisor & Digital Growth Strategist

"Don't boil the ocean in a single campaign - plan well for how the individual goals contribute to the ultimate objective." -Wai Yee Lam, Board Member, ACS

About the Winners:

Chatteris Educational Foundation ("Chatteris") , founded in 1990 is a charity that connects international graduates, local schools, and community partners to best impact students in Hong Kong. With the travel restrictions and ongoing measures to control the spread of the pandemic, such as 21 days quarantine, the barrier in terms of time and cost to attract tutors to Hong Kong has never been more challenging. Under these restrictions and limitations of social issues, digital marketing is a crucial twist to the current situation.

Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children ("HKSPC") , founded in 1926, provides for and promotes the care, education, and social development of children and families in partnership with the community.  HKSPC offers support and parenting programs to make parenting more enjoyable and strengthen a child's ability to thrive.  Besides, the pandemic has upended family life, school closures, working remote, physical distancing, especially for parents. Online social media has become a pivotal platform to bring parenting tips in the "New Normal."

The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection ("AFTEC") , founded in 2008, is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of youth through its bilingual Learning Theatre approach. AFTEC is exploring its digital offerings to foster a close relationship in the challenges of in-person gatherings. Keeping an authentic social media presence enabled us all to stay connected with the community.

About Asian Charity Services

Asian Charity Services (ACS) offers customized philanthropic services to enable foundations and corporates to engage and impact NGOs in a meaningful and innovative way. ACS provides training and support for capacity-building and helps bridge the gap between funders and non-profits. To learn more, visit / or follow @asiancharityservices on Fb, IG, and LinkedIn.

About JC ENGAGE Digital Exploration Program

is a digital exploration program for staff from non-profit organizations. We aim to equip NGOs with the knowledge of storytelling and digital campaigns taught by subject matter experts and coached by our skilled-based professionals. Through this journey, non-profit communication with stakeholders can be better, stronger, and deeper. To learn more, visit


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