Joint Commission of Taiwan reveals smart dialysis solutions at online forum

The event brings good news to Malaysian patients with chronic kidney disease

TAIPEI, Aug 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The number of patients with chronic kidney disease in Malaysia is increasing by some 10,000 annually, according to a report from the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF). In order to further promote cooperation between Taiwan and Malaysia as it relates to healthcare, the Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT) held the Smart Healthcare Expo Taipei 2021: International Smart Healthcare Forum (Session 3) on August 26, 2021, providing smart healthcare solutions with regard to chronic kidney disease care for Malaysia's medical community, and it received wide acclaim throughout Malaysia's medical community.

Group photo of ISHF 2021, Session III
Group photo of ISHF 2021, Session III

With 5G networks becoming more universal, dialysis data management based on big data and AI is gaining popularity. In response to the needs for chronic kidney disease care in Malaysia, the forum invited four professionals, each of whom proposed different clinical solutions, extending nursing care from the hospital to the home.

In today's home-based care scenario, physiological data can be immediately delivered to the database in the cloud through physiological monitor devices such as blood pressure, blood glucose and ECG. Patients with kidney disease can also record and adjust their diet based on their blood pressure, blood glucose, dry weight and water consumption readings, allowing them to be active partners in the effort to enhance their own quality of care. At the same time, caregivers can conduct appropriate dialysis scheduling management according to data in the cloud, while importing data from IoT-reliant medical devices in order to undertake a comprehensive analysis of chronic kidney disease data, which, combined with AI-enabled risk management alerts and decision-making, can quickly assist them in choosing the most optimal treatment, reducing the risk of rehospitalization.

The Joint Commission of Taiwan established the Health Smart Taiwan (HST) (, a one-stop portal designed to promote Taiwan's high-quality smart healthcare solutions, in 2019. The CEO of Joint Commission of Taiwan, Dr. Pa-chun Wang said that HST combines Taiwan's cutting-edge smart healthcare solutions with the demo site in Taiwan, helping visitors to fully understand the application and development potential of smart healthcare, while creating a new model for smart hospitals.