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Jolly Good Newly Establishes CBT VR Specialist Department with Clinical Psychiatrists

Jolly Good Newly Establishes CBT VR Specialist Department with Clinical Psychiatrists

TOKYO, April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading Japanese medical VR company Jolly Good Inc. has recently established a specialized DTx Division to develop digital therapeutics (hereinafter "DTx") using VR and AI technologies.



Dr. Ayako Kanie and Dr. Aiichiro Nakajima, psychiatrists and leaders in the development of cognitive behavioral therapy at top research institutes in Japan, will officially participate in Jolly Good. The company has been developing social skill-training VR for developmental disabilities and digital therapeutics VR for depression. After agreeing that Jolly Good's high-quality VR could be effective for mental illnesses, both doctors made the decision to participate.

Issues with Psychotherapy:

In many cases, drug therapy alone is insufficient to treat mental illnesses such as depression, and the importance of psychotherapy is gathering more attention. However, the issue with conventional psychotherapy is that it is not properly delivered to patients who need it, due to the lack of time and capability of specialists.

Jolly Good's DTx Division has also applied for an international technology patent for providing personalized digital therapeutics by analyzing behavioral characteristics and vital data during the VR experience.

Jolly Good is planning business expansion of digital therapeutics globally. Negotiations have started with several medical companies about global sales partnerships to this end.

Blockbuster TOKYO Business Pitch: A pharmaceutical & medical startup acceleration program sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government


Principal Members:

Photo3: Dr. Ayako Kanie

Senior Medical Supervisor: Ayako Kanie, MD PhD

"The implementation of digital therapeutics using VR will increase treatment options for all kinds of people. By engaging with this development from its early stages, I hope to expand the potential of VR therapy and prevention."

Specialty: Obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, depression, and schizophrenia

Photo4: Dr. Aiichiro Nakajima

Medical Supervisor: Aiichiro Nakajima, MD

"Digital therapeutics with VR enables delivery of high-quality treatment in short timeframes, delivering treatment to numerous patients in need. I expect that it will greatly contribute to the health of patients."

Specialty: Obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, depression, and schizophrenia

VR DTx official website

About Jolly Good Inc. (

Jolly Good is a medical technology company that develops high-precision VR solutions and AI-based medical and welfare services that analyze user behavior in the VR space. Using technologies such as VR and AI, the company is accelerating human growth and social rehabilitation in medical education, support for persons with disabilities, treatment of mental illness, and so on, as well as developing services to support the evolution of medical care and finding purposes in life, in collaboration with various research institutions and companies.

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