JOYSO Eyes Million Mobile Users as It Becomes Available on imToken2.0, the World's Largest ETH Wallet

JOYSO Eyes Million Mobile Users as It Becomes Available on imToken2.0, the World's Largest ETH Wallet

SINGAPORE, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- JOYSO founder and CEO Tom Soong today announced JOYSO's first cooperation with imToken, the world's largest Ethereum digital asset wallet. JOYSO's trading platform is now accessible on the imToken DApp (Decentralized application) browser for trading tokens. JOYSO expects its collaboration with imToken, the first with a mobile wallet, to help improve the user experience and attract more users.

Users can download imToken2.0 for free from its official website, the App Store or Google Play. Soong said that with smartphones being the most popular way to browse internet, most users are still required to use a desktop computer to access decentralized exchanges. With the imToken2.0 digital wallet, users can quickly access JOYSO's trading platform on their smartphones, helping improve the user experience, he added.

Safe Trading Everywhere, Easy One-click Search

JOYSO CTO Will Hsieh said that JOYSO was selected by imToken not only because both teams have been focusing on developing a decentralized ecosystem in Ethereum, but also because imToken recognizes the strength of JOYSO's security and user experience. "We hope users can trade tokens on JOYSO even when they are not sitting in front of their desktop computers," Hsieh said. 

After downloading the imToken2.0 app, users can establish their own digital identity as they create a new wallet. Under "Browser" at the bottom of the app, users can find JOYSO's icon, then select "+" to add JOYSO, and then click on the icon to be automatically diverted to JOYSO's exchange page. Users can use imToken, a tool to manage one's private key, to trade tokens on JOYSO's trading platform. "Both JOYSO and imToken expect this cooperation to improve the user experience and attract more smartphone users to explore decentralized trading," said Soong.

Soong is a veteran Bitcoin trader in Taiwan and the world's first 28nm Bitcoin mining chip developer. With hacking on the rise at crypto exchanges in recent years, in May 2018, Soong launched JOYSO, the world's first "hybrid decentralized exchange", which reduces the risk of being hacked and provides users a cost-efficient way to trade. JOYSO has no control over users' tokens, unlike centralized exchanges which handle all users' tokens and trades and put user's tokens at risks if exchanges are hacked or have server problems.

Singapore-based imToken was developed by a Chinese startup called ConsensLabs. Founded in Hangzhou in 2016, it has become the world's largest Ethereum digital wallet, with currently over 5 million active users worldwide and access to 30,000 tokens. As of June 2018, its users stored crypto assets was worth over US$45 billion.

imToken2.0 is a feature-rich digital asset wallet enabling multi-chain, multi-token management, supporting one-click searches which helps users easily check and manage tokens including JOY tokens. Its decentralized applications browser provides a selection of extraordinary DApps, including JOYSO.

JOYSO - World's First Hybrid Decentralized Exchange

JOYSO, founded by Tom Soong, is a hybrid decentralized exchange platform launched in May 2018. It completed its ICO March 2018. JOYSO offers off-chain matching and on-chain settlement of real time orders with high priorities on user experience, security, and efficiency.

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