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K-chemicals 2021: Promising Korean chemical & cosmetics companies to strengthen overseas expansion by 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition

K-chemicals 2021: Promising Korean chemical & cosmetics companies to strengthen overseas expansion by 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition

SEOUL, South Korea, April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- For the expansion to the global market, promising Korean chemical & cosmetics companies are displaying their major lineups at 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition, which is held Mar. 22-26.

K-chemicals 2021: Promising Korean chemical & cosmetics companies to strengthen overseas expansion by 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition
K-chemicals 2021: Promising Korean chemical & cosmetics companies to strengthen overseas expansion by 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition

  • chemical Participating companies - Kumsung E&C, Mukunghwa, ATM Korea, Sapiens Ventures, Samhwa Paint Industrial, KJ&C, MK Bio Science
  • Kumsung E&C introduces zero bacteria premium sterilizing disinfectant made of peroxyacetic acid (CH3COOOH)

Kumsung E&C (CEO Na Sung-beom) participated in the 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition and introduced Zero Bacteria Premium sterilizing disinfectant made of peroxyacetic acid (CH3COOOH).

Kumsung E&C is a chemical company that started as Kumsung Environmental Chemicals in 1989 and manufactures and sells inorganic chemical products. With the goal of creating a greener environment with clean water and air, it has laid the foundation for 30 years in the field of environment and chemistry. Also, by exporting to overseas markets, it has laid a foothold for global corporate growth.

The main products are water treatment flocculants, urea water for vehicles that reduce air pollution, and sterilizing disinfectants for personal quarantine. It sells and conducts business to major hypermarkets and traders with chemical product distribution networks.

Kumsung E&C developed a peroxyacetic acid sterilization and disinfection product as the importance of quarantine and disinfection was emphasized due to COVID 19 around the world. Peroxyacetic acid is a substance introduced by the World Health Organization (WHO) as effective against coronavirus.

The Zero Bacteria Premium sterilizing disinfectant is made of peroxyacetic acid (CH3COOOH), a substance registered as a food additive. Peroxyacetic acid is an oxygen-based sterilization deodorant that discharges active oxygen from hydrogen peroxide for primary sterilization and discharges oxygen from peroxyacetic acid for secondary sterilization. There is a slight vinegar odor when sprayed, but it disappears quickly and is decomposed into "water and carbon dioxide" so there is no residual harmful substances in the sprayed area.

The company staff from Kumsung E&C said, "As the importance of personal quarantine is expected to be more emphasized in the future, the market demand for portable disinfectants will continue to increase. As the risk of the most widely used chlorine-based or alcohol-based disinfectants is also emerging, the market share of oxygen-based disinfectants is a natural phenomenon."

He also said, "We introduced our product as Zero Bacteria Premium in the market, but we are looking for a new brand to attract the customers. The packaging size can be changed according to the user's requirements. Through this online exhibition, we will try to develop overseas markets and expand the global market."

The company staff from Kumsung E&C said, "As the importance of personal quarantine is expected to be more emphasized in the future, the market demand for portable disinfectants will continue to increase. As the risk of the most widely used chlorine-based or alcohol-based disinfectants is also emerging, the market share of oxygen-based disinfectants is a natural phenomenon."

  • Mukunghwa launches eco-friendly detergent refill pouch without a plastic lid

Mukunghwa (CEO Yu Seong-jun) participated in the K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition and introduced its eco-friendly detergent refill pouch.

Mukunghwa is a company founded in 1947 with eco-friendly business as its management philosophy, and sells household products, personal care, and oral products in major Asian markets including China. Mukunghwa mentioned that its detergents are very popular in the Middle East and Africa.

Currently, Mukunghwa has developed in collaboration with Lotte Mart to release an eco-friendly detergent refill pouch that does not use a plastic lid. Instead of a plastic lid at the top of the pouch, there's a perforation that users can tear by hand.

The company staff from Mukunghwa said, "As it is difficult to meet foreign buyers directly due to COVID-19, this online exhibition is considered an opportunity to promote our products overseas. We are going to participate continuously to promote by online and expand our market in the untact era."

  • ATM Korea develops and manufactures eco-friendly snail tile liner

ATM Korea specializes in developing and manufacturing industrial electronic materials, and is stably supplying display and mobile products to domestic and international markets. Recently, it has completed the development of the life construction material eco-friendly snail tile liner that meets the customers' needs, and is mass-producing them.

The company staff of ATM Korea said, "You'll be able to create eco-friendly space by using snail tile liner in various types of buildings such as houses, apartments, hotel bathrooms, kitchens, and verandas. If you use our snail tile liner instead of white cement and silicone, you'll be able to create an eco-friendly space by drastically reducing the amount of cleaning agent and saving cleaning time from reinforcement and mold prevention."

He then said, "We are planning to release a product snail tile liner with enhanced antibacterial function and added sterilization function. As consumers' interest in hygiene increases, we are expecting to receive a lot of attention not only in Korea but also overseas." He then said, "In addition, we are conducting research to release various products with improved color and technology."

  • Sapiens Ventures introduces Kishi, an eco-friendly premium detergent

Sapiens Ventures (CEO Park Hong-ju) participated in the 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition and introduced an eco-friendly premium detergent Kishi.

Sapiens Ventures is a company specializing in eco-friendly detergents, making premium eco-friendly detergents with patented nanotechnology under the mission "benefit to human and nature." The patented nanotechnology breaks the belief that natural detergents don't clean as well as regular detergents by providing great cleaning power. The detergent is made with natural ingredients such as soybeans and palm fat, so it is safe for the human body and contributes to environmental protection with water purification effects. Sapiens Ventures targets the sales and trading business of detergent importers, eco-friendly detergent importers, lifestyle online shopping mall owners, and mart owners.

Four types of Kishi detergents use natural ingredients such as soybean, job's tears, palm, and grapefruit extracts that comes in women's underwear detergent, dish detergent, multi-purpose cleaner, and sterilizing deodorant. Containing no harmful substances such as bleach, fluorescent whitening agent, level 4 ammonium, nor phosphate, it does not harm the human body and does not pollute the environment.

Women's underwear detergent is a pure vegetable detergent made from soybeans as main ingredient, and is excellent for cleaning female-specific contaminants such as menstrual blood, and is antibacterial and deodorizing. The company staff from Sapiens Ventures said, "People are already talking about our product as we solve the issues of germs coming from washing with other clothing and distortion of underwear."

The dishwashing detergent is an EM type 1 detergent that can be used for washing baby bottles, vegetables, fruits, and dishes in one, and it minimizes skin irritation by using plant extract, so people can wash the dishes with bare hands. The spray-type multi-purpose cleaner boasts 99% of powerful sterilization and deodorization power that can remove dirt and grease just by spraying with nano-patented technology.

The company's deodorants decomposes molecules that cause odor instead of covering pollutants and odors with fragrance. The company explained that it uses phytoncide as raw material to make the detergents, so in the age of COVID, it is receiving the most order.

Creative eco-friendly wave in the household product market in Korea by launching Kishi, these four types of eco-friendly premium detergents made by Sapiens Ventures have been selected as the "Best New Product in Korea" in 2020. Sapiens Ventures announced that after more than 10 years of research and development to break the idea that eco-friendly products have poor cleaning power, it has applied nano-patented technology to all four types of Kishi detergents to show excellent cleaning power.

Sapiens Ventures announced that under the slogan "Kishi = Earth" this year, it will strictly manage both the ingredients and packaging in eco-friendly ways and will also actively participate in the Earth Love Campaign by donating a portion of its profit to environmental organizations.

The company staff from Sapiens Ventures said, "Our detergent Kish has been developed to meet the needs of modern consumers who consider both the health of the family and the protection of nature when purchasing products in the era which the protection of the environment has become crucial. We are planning to expand the brand by continuous R&D, and are currently develop eco-friendly detergents and handwashes for infants."

  • Samhwa Paint unveils antiviral paint Safe Doctor... Patented for the antivirus feature!

Samhwa Paint is a global paint company founded in 1946, and has established a total of 11 subsidiaries including China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and India, including Korea, and is engaged in the paint business. Production items are for construction, automobile repair, PCM, woodworking, urethane, heavy-duty corrosion protection, epoxy, canning, and resin.

Safe Doctor, introduced in this year's exhibition, contains a porous inorganic material with antiviral function, so when the virus in the air comes into contact with the painted surface, 99.9% of the virus will be killed. In November of last year, it has been verified for killing Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli from FITI and the virus killing effect from an affiliated agency from MOHW. It has applied for an antivirus-related patent for the first time in Korea with an eco-friendly water-based paint composition having antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and easy cleaning properties.

Safe Doctor is an indoor paint developed with pure acrylic resin with almost no odor, and does not contain the designated six heavy metals. Also, it has excellent stain resistance and cleanability by using special functional additives, and can be applied to concrete, wallpaper, and doors.

The company staff from Samhwa Paint said, "We are ranked in the top 30 among the world's paint manufacturers, and have a competitive advantage in the industry through its long experience and technology in the construction paint industry and a distribution network of 800 agencies." He then said, "As for the industrial paints, we are steadily expanding our market share. Especially, we are equipped with dedicated production facilities to make the eco-friendly powder paint, increasing our sales."

  • KJ&C unveils Quick Clip for quick construction and easy installation by anyone and DIY Easy Block for easy height adjustment and mobile installation

KJ&C (CEO Lee Kyung-Jun) participated in the 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition and introduced Quick Clip and DIY Easy Block.

KJ&C introduced a scientific system to supply eco-friendly wood that is eco-friendly and to construct decks easily and conveniently. The company's products are sold and traded with wood processing companies, wood consumer products companies, deck and flooring companies, deck material manufacturers and suppliers, and trade distributors.

Quick Clip is a deck module developed by maximizing the advantages of general deck construction and clip construction and improving its weaknesses. It has a simple assembly method and a safe and neat appearance that the piece is not exposed to the outside, and it suppresses noise and shows excellent flooring by installing vibration-proof rubber for shock absorption.

The company has developed a DIY easy block that is easy to adjust the height, move, and install. Easy Block is a modular product with a simple coupling method, and has excellent expandability and adjustment functions such as area expansion or height adjustment. Based on this scalability, it is possible for the third party to build a product ecosystem compatible with Easy Block by combining the Easy Block module with this product as if assembling blocks.

The company staff from KJ&C said, "Through this exhibition, we are planning to discover overseas buyers, manage existing buyers, and develop overseas export channels."

  • MK Bio Science introduces feed additives made from natural extracts

MK Bio Science (CEO Shin Young-geun) participated in the K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition and introduced its natural feed additive products.

As a feed additive manufacturing and sales company, the company puts the importance of the environment at the top priority in corporate management. It has also received GMP, ISO, IFRC HALAL certifications.

With the trend of banning the use of antibiotics in order to curb the abuse of antibiotics, it is important to enhance the livestock's own immunity and improve productivity. The company's feed additives improve productivity by improving feed efficiency as well as improving the immunity of livestock. Since it is produced using natural extracts, it has no side effects and is effective in improving its own immunity.

  • Cosmetics Participating companies - Hedoes,  Zishel Group, Wannabe Cosmetic, Alchemyth, Active Beauty, Ecocation, Cell Happy Co, EauClaire, Dodream, Aridermacosmedical, Pluchke, Marinecos, Maska Company, Bueno Meditech, Rushley International, Seonglim BNC
  • Hedoes introduces Ogi, a cosmetic brand containing natural ingredients

Hedoes introduced the cosmetic brand Ogi containing natural ingredients.

Heathers is currently operating a special skin care brand Ogi in daily life, and is distributing through online stores, Lotte, and Shilla Duty Free Shop in Korea. It is also actively distributing through overseas channels such as Amazon in the US, Taobao in China, Rakuten in Japan, and Wildberries in Russia.

Ogi develops and provides a variety of cosmetics like simple and effective serums, creams, mask packs, and ampoules for modern-day people who have busy lives. Also, none of Ogi's products have artificial colors, and us allergen-free fragrances used so that anyone can use it with confidence.

Ogi's serum product contains 3,000 organic capsules and has been tested for low irritation using a patented, naturally derived preservative. Mask packs contain New Zealand's UMF 15+ Manuka Honey, and provides texture softer than silk by using 100% eucalyptus Tencel sheets. The ampoule product contains seven types of hyaluronic acid, so users can feel the immediate moisturizing effect. Cream products help even out skin texture and reduce acne.

Hedoes is preparing to release Peptide 8 Ampoule containing pearl thread and eight kinds of peptide components in the future. The company staff from Hedoes said, "The goal is to promote products and meet new buyers through this exhibition. I hope this becomes an opportunity to stimulate the marketing in Korea as well."

  • Zishel Group introduces its own high-functional brand EstherAction

Zishel Group introduced its own high-functional brand EstherAction.

Zishel Group is a medical export company established in 2016 by medical staff and biomedical engineers. Based on solid technology and global talent pool, it is developing its own high-functional brand based on medical R&D and production technology from 2019 in addition to medical products. Basically, it aims for B2B transactions, but it is currently selling to general consumers in Korea and exporting to various countries such as Europe, Indonesia, and Russia.

Its brand EstherAction provides comprehensive "Esthetics" solutions and solid "Therapy" effect that can be proven, and moves reasonably and actively in response to consumer demand (Action). EstherAction was developed based on 30 years of research and procedure know-how in plastic surgery and dermatology by the world-renowned plastic surgeon and anti-aging researcher Kim Min-bae. Through collaboration with four professional research institutes, it is researching scientific skincare, and uses high-quality medical raw materials used for cell regeneration and scar treatments. Because it is produced based on high-quality medical device production standards unlike the regular cosmetics, it is safer and more hygienic than other products.

EstherAction will introduce a variety of products that utilize the PDRN ingredients of its flagship product, PDRN Ampoule in the future. It is also preparing to launch a light skin care product for daily care, and a high-nutrition, high-functionality product for special care.

The company staff said, "I would like to introduce EstherAction to more companies while participating in this exhibition. I want to create synergy as I talk to more buyers, and introduce our group by active expansion and marketing."

  • Wannabe Cosmetic introduces ORJENA, a cosmetic brand that uses natural ingredients

Wannabe Cosmetic (CEO Kim Bo-min) introduced ORJENA, a cosmetic brand that uses natural ingredients.

Wannabe Cosmetic has been in charge of supplying Korean cosmetics overseas for 11 years since 2009. Currently, there are overseas partners in 22 countries around the world, including the US, Russia, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Poland and Spain.

Wannabe Cosmetic owns ORJENA, a cosmetic brand that uses natural ingredients. Recently, it has launched a new skin care lineup that focuses on moisturizing and moisture from the inside of the skin. Other products use almost the same ingredients in skin care products, but ORJENA's products feature customers to build their own skincare routine with ingredients that they choose. It uses patented natural ingredients such as Senna leaf extract from Italy and bell cabbage extract, and 11 types of ingredients such as high-concentration hydrolyzed collagen and Centella asiatica.

The company staff from Wannabe Cosmetic said, "From this month to the next six months, we are going to continue releasing new ORJENA products." Also, he added, "We will continue to develop and provide good products with effective ingredients at low prices so that all customers can enjoy and use as always."

  • Alchemyth introduces oxidation biodegradation catalyst manufacturing technology that can decompose within a desired period

Alchemyth (CEO Choi Ha-young) announced that it will participate in 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition on Mar. 22-26 to introduce a technology for producing degradable oxidative biodegradation catalysts within a desired period.

Alchemyth is a company specializing in eco-friendly chemical materials. It is developing eco-friendly gas barrier films that combine natural materials such as oxidized biodegradable and compostable plastics, engineering plastics, cellulose, and starch using biomass and biodegradable plastics. Also, by developing a plasticizer for polyketone, a new material for engineering plastics, it contributes to the expansion of the application range of polyketones.

According to Alchemyth, oxidative biodegradable plastic is targeted at plastic product manufacturing companies in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, where it is difficult to use landfill and incinerate plastic waste. It also targets plastic packaging companies around the world.

The company's oxidation biodegradation catalyst manufacturing technology is capable of producing and supplying decomposable products within a desired period. With the use of a trace amount of catalyst, the physical properties of the existing plastic can be maintained so that the existing manufacturing process and equipment can be used as it is. Biomass and biodegradable plastics can be composted as they are the products containing more than 20% biomass. It can be maintained at the similar properties of existing plastics.

The company staff from Alchemyth said, "We are developing to launch an eco-friendly gas barrier film suitable for packaging food and electronic products. Through this exhibition, we are pioneering a new market, and a gas barrier film business based on eco-friendly materials using Biomass. I want to use it to lay the groundwork for overseas expansion in the future."

  • Introducing Active Beauty, a cosmetic brand customized for outdoor activities

Active Beauty (CEO Kim Wan-gyu) announced that it will introduce a cosmetic line customized for outdoor activities.

Active Beauty is a company that produces skin care, body care and makeup products tailored to leisure, fitness, and sports activities. Active Beauty said, "The main targets are companies that hold non-face-to-face meetings and export consultations with overseas buyers."

Active Beauty's Camellia Floral Calming Sunscreen is made of camellia flower extract that has moisturizing and soothing effects. It is a mixed sunscreen that has the application of organic sunscreen and the immediate blocking effect of inorganic sunscreen. It eliminated irritation on the eyes and whiteness of the skin.

Camellia Natural UV Defense Sunscreen provides a tone-up effect with a spherical powder and a plate-like powder complex with a silky feel. Also, it has anti-wrinkle effect by using the little jewel cactus water.

Active Beauty's Intensive Cream Moisturizing Facial Mask protects the skin from photoaging by inhibiting pigment production. It uses a patented ingredient that blocks the synthesis of melanin in the stratum corneum. This can prevent pigmentation due to UV rays. It improves the softening effect and moisturizing effect more than hyaluronic acid.

The company staff from Active Beauty said, "Despite having difficulty in export expansion due to the COVID pandemic, we participated in this event because Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association provided a great opportunity."

  • Ecocation unveils Pureforet, a natural cosmetics brand with good cost-effectiveness suitable for troubled and sensitive skin

Ecocation (CEO Kim Geun-seop, Chae Byeong-je) participated in the 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition on Mar. 22-26 to introduce its natural cosmetic brand especially effective for troubled and sensitive skin Pureforet.

Ecocation started in 2007 as an online shopping mall where consumers can easily purchase raw materials such as basic cosmetics, diffusers, handmade soaps, and scented candles. It has built up trust and satisfaction from customers and maintains the no. 1 in the industry even now. Also, the prices of the products were marked low so that the customers in their primary target audience who are in their teens and early twenties can purchase without burden. All of the ingredients used in the products are natural, so there are no irritations.

Ingredients of the company's products are independently developed and produced by its research institute, and synthetic preservatives, 26 allergens, and 20 harmful chemicals not allowed to use for cosmetics were not used. Also, instead of using purified water, plant extracts were used to maximize the efficacy without irritation.

The company staff from Ecocation said, "I want to promote my products online and meet buyers who share our values."

  • Cell Happy Co unveils Scalp & Hair Care Shampoo and Hair Loss Tonic made with organic herbal ingredients and natural herbal ingredients

Cell Happy Co (CEO Cha Hye-young) introduced Scalp & Hair Care Shampoo and Hair Loss Tonic made with organically certified herbal ingredients and natural herbal ingredients.

Cell Happy Co is a company that manufactures and sells organic and natural cosmetics. It manufactures premium cosmetics with patented manufacturing technology and carefully selected organic and natural ingredients. The company has also received European COSMOS ORGANIC certification and Asian LOHAS certification, and has been recognized for its value from the government, receiving support for initial startup packages, export promotion support projects, and product research.

Scalp & Hair Care Shampoo and Hair Loss Tonic are the first products to be released from the company. It was patented by using organically certified herbal ingredients and natural herbal ingredients, and the patented ingredients are a complex of 17 types of natural herbal medicinal herbs for scalp and hair, and are used in both shampoo and tonic. Also, it launched a healthy skin care line by launching Red Ginseng Powder Wash (face cleanser) and Vita C Ampoule (face serum), and expanded to the body care line by launching organic certified body wash and body lotion earlier this year.

The company will soon release organically certified body wash and body lotion. Body wash and lotion contain five patented herbal ingredient complexes that are effective in relieving troubles and antioxidants instead of purified water during the manufacturing process, and body wash and body lotion contain the most organic lavender flower water, which is effective in soothing skin and relieving troubles. The natural ratio of 98.59% and 99.60% for body wash and body lotion was verified by COSMOS certification body.

The company staff from Cell Happy Co said, "This year, we are focusing on overseas marketing targeting overseas markets with more diverse organic and natural products. This February, we started business with Europe's largest drug store chain with the initial D. Starting from Hungary, our products will be sold in 230 branches."

  • EauClaire unveils its flagship products, natural deodorant SMELLY and Dr. Smell

EauClaire (CEO Chae Gyeong-shim) introduced the flagship lineup of natural deodorant SMELLY and Dr. Smell.

EauClaire launched the natural deodorant brand SMELLY in 2018 and drastically changed its main business to cosmetics manufacturing. It is currently working as an official partner of Lotte Home Shopping, KRA, and Shinsegae Chosun Hotel. Also, through these changes, it was selected as a success case by SBA and as a success case by I'm Stars at the Small and Medium Business Distribution Center.

EauClaire is introducing products that are suitable for each purpose and use, including toilet perfume for toilet, socks and Socks & Shoes for shoes, and Room & Fabric for indoor textiles. Also, by using phytoncide and natural ingredients as raw materials, the company raised safety, and by using SMELLY's unique pop design, the look of the product has been elevated.

The company staff from EauClaire said, "We are planning to release one product from Room & Fabric this year, and at the same time, we are developing a multi-purpose hygiene care system for home and vehicles."

  • Dodream unveils Embracell Golden Cocoon Water Brightening Mask Pack containing amino acids similar to natural moisturizing factor (NMF)

Dodream is a specialized cosmetics company that makes functional cosmetics with excellent efficacy in skin whitening, skin aging prevention, and wrinkle improvement by applying gold sericin extracted from natural golden cocoon, Ell-6 perfect, and Ell-7 white. The golden cocoon produced by the traditional breeding method is produced through joint development with Chungbuk National University's cocoon industry RIS project group. It is 100% natural and has a unique gold color. Gold sericin contained in golden cocoon is a complex protein ingredient composed of 75% fibroin and 25% sericin, and is similar to NMF (natural moisturizing factor), so it has very high skin affinity.

Dodream wants to do business with online and offline distribution companies, spa shop and spa shop distribution companies, online commerce companies, drugstore distribution companies, and large shopping mall distribution companies.

Embracell Golden Cocoon Water Brightening Mask Pack is a moisturizing, whitening, and wrinkle functional water-glossy sheet mask that contains golden sericin, which contains amino acids similar to the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of the skin.

It contains amino acids similar to the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of sericin, having skin moisturizing effect. It contains beta-glucan, ceramide, and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin highly moisturized. It also contains fermented filtrates (ginseng, seed of Job's tears, potato extract) that have antioxidant effects. Also, fibroin combined with natural cellulose made of natural golden cocoon silk as the main ingredient has excellent skin regeneration effect.

Fibroin regenerates and improves skin disorders by using natural cellulose made of natural gold pulp silk as the main ingredient. It has a soft texture that touches the skin and has a very high adhesion with eco-friendly fibers. Sericin is an antioxidant component that strongly inhibits the oxidation of tyrosinase such as spots, freckles, wrinkles, and melanin caused by photoaging. 100% plant fiber sheet paper using banana sheet paper and eco-friendly sheet paper suppress fungi and bacteria to relieve skin itching symptoms, and does not contain microbial cells, harmful organic substances, and chemical waste components.

The company staff from Dodream said, "With the product with enhanced moisturizing effect, we want to develop a golden cocoon moisturizing cream containing golden sericin and golden cocoon collagen extracted from golden cocoon for troubled and very dry skin. We want to promote our products and find buyers, and inform the excellence of golden sericin extracted from the traditional ingredient golden cocoon. Also, in addition to existing customers such as Russia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia, we are going to discover new customers such as Singapore and Indonesia."

  • Aridermacosmedical unveils Mesotherapy that improves the skin's base

Aridermacosmedical has launched a home care set product that enables easy and convenient professional management at home with the technology that has developed and supplied cosmetics specialized for esthetics.

The company is conducting mesotherapy programs and education by researching ampoules that are safe and excellent in skin improvement without side effects, and launched four types of skin botox ampoules. Also, for the first time in Korea, the company has completed five therapies: mesotherapy, AI therapy, 12 nerve therapy, lymph therapy, and blood therapy. It is also dispatching lecturers and providing training overseas. Also, by incorporating MCT into MTS, the mesotherapy cocktail program and tornado tox cocktail program, an air injection procedure that does not use needles, was completed.

The company's product improves the fundamentals of the skin and fermented 10 natural herbal ingredients for lactic acid bacteria. Also, it was manufactured in aseptic facility to show ample stability. In addition, in 2021, it is developing an online skin consultation system and AI skin measurement system.

The company staff from Aridermacosmedical said, "We are soon going to introduce our products to the consumers in the foreign market. We want to find agents or partner companies in the future."

  • Pluchke unveils ADORABLE, a vegan nail brand that is safe even when applied directly to the skin

Pluchke develops and supplies innovative color cosmetics that are free of harmful ingredients and can be used with confidence. The main targets are customers who are interested in eco-friendly products, are aware of the harmfulness of nail products, and want to use safe products easily, and customers who prefer nail products that can penetrate in water and can be removed quickly for religious reasons.

ADORABLE is designed to be applied quickly and easily with a special brush, and by going through skin irritation test, it can be safely used by anyone from children to pregnant women, and can be used safely even when applied directly to the skin. Also, it does not need strong nail color remover that dissolves nails. It can be removed like stickers, and it contains the patented celery seed extract to prevent nail damage.

ADORABLE is a nature-friendly vegan cosmetic that does not use animal-derived ingredients and does not conduct animal testing. It is made in Korea, including the container.

The company staff from Pluchke said, "After exporting to Malaysia and Japan after the first year of product launch, we are about to enter Vietnam and UAE markets. In the future, we are continuously going to launch nail-related products such as water gel nail, pad-type nail cleanser, nail nutrition serum, and hand & nail cream."

  • Marinecos unveils Marine Collagen Cosmetics that moisturizes skin and improves wrinkles

Marinecos is a company that plans, researches, develops, and markets marine collagen cosmetics and foods based on the research related to marine collagen extraction/purification and commercialization technology that is excellent for skin moisturizing. The company sells products to men and women who need skin moisturization and wrinkle improvement.

Our salmon collagen is a special raw material that has been proven through clinical trials. Also, it has confirmed safety and functionality, and shows wrinkle improvement effects that reduce the depth and amount of skin wrinkles. The company recently introduced an inner beauty product lineup called ABC Juice Inner Beauty Collagen Jelly Stick.

Marinecos participated in this exhibition and said, "I want to discover overseas buyers and show the difference of our ingredients made in the bio material factory."

  • Maska Company unveils a mask pack that can be applied by spraying for 2 seconds and hair loss product exclusively for women

Maska Company is a company that introduced the concept of a mask pack that is sprayed instead of attaching for the first time in the world. Based on the concept that even the best cosmetics is useless unless used continuously, it is increasing the number of products that can be used in two seconds. Also, by intensively researching female hair loss, the company developed and sold female-specific hair loss functional cosmetics. Maska Company focused on the texture considering the sensitive characteristics of women.

It targets women in their 30s to 50s who are interested in high-priced lines and wrinkle reduction and whitening, and targets Japan and Southeast Asia as the interest in K-makeup is on the rise. Also, the company is pioneering the women hair loss market in the midst of the hair loss market that is centered around men, and targeting the women who are interested in hair loss care.

To make mask applying that needs to be applied on for 10 minutes and then peeled off easy, the company developed a mask pack that is sprayed for two seconds without washing. The company also launched neck care spray serum, whitening care spray serum, and men's spray serum.

Most hair loss products were developed with a focus on male hair loss, so it is too stiff and oily for women to use, along with bad smell. By improving these points, we launched a female-only hair loss product. Maska Company's main products include sprinkling mask packs, female-only hair loss products, and puffs that can be used for all cushions and foundations.

The company staff from Maska Company said, "We are going to launch base makeup products (foundation mesh cushion) and non-sticky sunscreen. I want to introduce the product that has outstanding product power and that are unique. Since this year, we are making great efforts to export. Since our products are getting great reviews from Japan, we are going to start in Japan and approach to the customers all over the world."

  • Bueno Meditech introduces cosmetics that combine core ingredients of stem cell MGF and patented ingredients

Bueno Meditech (CEO Jeong Jong-guk) presented cosmetic products that combines the core ingredients of peptide and stem cell MGF developed jointly with CHA Meditech and patented ingredients. They are all made in Korea.

Established on February 17, 2016, Bueno Meditech's main products are MGF & peptide basic skin care products, color cosmetics, and inner beauty products. They contain six types of EGF ingredients and three types of peptide ingredients that are effective for the skin that can help reduce wrinkles, whiten, and improve skin health.

Also, the dermatology-specialized home medicare products were created through R&D tailored for various skin types targeting not only the Asian skin but also the skin of people around the world.

Bueno Meditech is planning to introduce various new products this year. It is developing a feminine product with the exclusive patent with honeyweed and an anti-hair loss shampoo that contains the antioxidant xanthohumol.

The company staff from Bueno Meditech said, "Currently, we are exporting products to countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. This year, we are continuing marketing for export to Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan, and China to expand our domestic online and offline distribution network. We are also planning to expand the market in the platform by combining B2B and B2C to enter the global E-Commerce platform (eBay, Lazada, Shoppe, etc.)."

  • Rushley International introduces low-irritation massage cream and gel for young adults with the mind of a father

Rushley International (CEO Jeon Byeong-hee) has developed a functional and low-irritation formulation. Skincare 1 includes nano UV blocking agent formulation, UC blocking essence, and UV blocking natural color makeup products. Skincare 2 is formulation for young adults.

The company is conducting ODM/OEM for overseas buyers, supports marketing, sales, and branding, and provides and develops its own brands. Sales and trading business targets are outdoor brand companies, young adults' care brands, online market distributors, and pharmacy market distributors.

The special formulation developed for young adults is gradually absorbed into the skin and muscles, and provides care for a long time with low irritation. It was developed with the mind of a father who deeply cares for the damaged skin of active young adults.

The company staff from Rushley International said, "Currently, we are planning to release UV nano-blocking essence, soothing and moisturizing cream for young adults, and essence full of energy and nutrition for young adults and children. I want to show truly advanced products for young adults by opening the outdoor and sports activity market through this exhibition. Also, we participated to show OEM/ODM expertise for outdoor cosmetics and cosmetics for young adults."

  • Seonglim BNC unveils Mikung Mama Secret Therapy, Vita C Snow Powder Ampoule, and Natto Collagen 50 Ampoule that deliver elasticity nutrition and active ingredients to the skin

Mikung Mama Secret Therapy is a high-quality female Y zone serum that contains stem cell culture, and is hygienic by using a sterilized container. It is a feminine cleanser containing various natural extracts that provides the cleanliness and moisturizing feeling of Y-zone for women and provides elasticity and nutrition. Vita C Snow Powder Ampoule turns into essence the moment it touches the skin and makes the skin clean and clear. This product is safe and effective in delivering active ingredients to the skin by using nano-liposome stabilization technology. Natto Collagen 50 Ampoule contains a high content of vegetable collagen extracted from natto gum. It makes the skin elastic and moist by delaying the anti-oxidation action and the destruction and decomposition of collagen components in the skin.

The company's cosmetics are made of porous powders which have high hydrophilicity, and provides a silky feel that gives low skin irritation. Also, it has a water retention system, which has a unique and attractive manufacturing method and shows long-lasting moisturizing properties. The company's cosmetics have 4D liposome technology that absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply to deliver safe and stabilized ingredients to the skin.

The company is planning to release Black Sugar Cleansing as a new product. Using raw materials extracted from soapberry trees and sugar cane, it has no skin irritation and has excellent moisturizing and cleansing effects. It includes natural ingredients, so it is especially good for customers with skin problems or sensitive skin. Also, it makes the skin clear and bright by removing dead skin cells, blackheads, and cosmetic residues.

  • Natural & Me Co., Ltd. Presented a Fragrance Deodorant Developed Using Loess

Natural & Me is a technology-intensive company that develops idea products for improving the inconvenience of everyday life. It produces and sells eco-friendly products such as fragrance deodorants, dehumidification deodorants, and fine dust reduction agents made with eco-friendly materials. Made with only eco-friendly materials trusted by consumers, Natural & Me's loess fragrance deodorant is a safe, alcohol-free as well as formaldehyde-free product that can be decorated in a desired space with various functions such as aroma, deodorization, humidity control, and small items. The fully-used scented ball can be dumped into the ground or be recycled for decoration by placing it around a flower pot.

In the future, Natural & Me plans to release a product that have functions of deodorization, absorption, and dehumidification by printing photos on a perlite board and coating it with UV. An official from Natural & Me said "We have participated in this exhibition to introduce eco-friendly loess fragrance deodorant differentiated from existing liquid fragrances and to conduct global marketing. We plan to participate in offline conferences and exhibitions in the future as well."

2021 K-chemical Cyber Exhibition supports non-face-to-face overseas marketing for Korean companies. The exhibition boasts the largest display of industrial chemical products (varnish, glue, surfactants, MDI, polybutene, polyol, catalyst, blowing agent, additive, pipe, plastic for daily use, additives, etc.) and cosmetics (sun block, serum, ampoule, skin toner, lotion, shampoo, mask pack, etc.) in Korea. This year, about 270 companies will be participating to provide their major products and services.

Especially in this exhibition, 3D technology-based exhibition hall and booth will be set up to showcase special contents made of chemical products for online marketing to overseas buyers.

Currently in Korea, major industries like electronics and automobiles centered on chemical industry are closely linked. In line with this, Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association (KSCIA), the organizer of the event, is helping the Korean chemical companies to enter the overseas market by various support like export, research and analysis, technical standards, and HDR support as well as handling international agreements. This year's goal is to achieve 330 million dollars in export in the chemical industry.

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