Kalkine Launched its 'Global Big Money Research'

SYDNEY, Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Kalkine Pty Limited recently launched its new 'Global Big Money Research' in Australia. Although there are many options available, high-net-worth, or affluent investors may be inclined towards high-quality mid-cap to blue-chip companies with moderate risk appetite and a slightly medium to long-term horizon.

Preserving capital requires hardship. Kalkine's 'Global Big Money Research' aims to provide insights on opportunities around diversified and defensive themes across countries such as Australia, US, UK, Canada, and New Zealand. The potential for sustainable performance with moderate risk is one of the critical elements assessed.

A blended approach of conservatism and aggressiveness can be adopted in this regard. Businesses with a stable revenue model, strong corporate governance, healthy financials, and ESG compliance are some of the specific factors considered. Besides, a range of matured companies with attractive dividend yields, cyclical and or trending sectors globally can be appraised during uncertain pandemic times.

Notably, mid-cap space delivered better yields than the broader market performance over the past year. For instance, ASX Midcap 50 Index witnessed a rise of ~30.24% outperforming S&P/ASX 200 (+24.76% returns) and ASX Small Ordinaries Index (+28.59%) over the past year (Source: REFINITIV, as of 6 August 2021).

Typically, a combination of 'Value and Growth Strategy' operates well in the current market scenario including businesses that appear to be lower than intrinsic value, and or companies with strong earnings prospects. Defensives may aggressively play out during volatile times, while opportunities around high-quality growth companies provide the impetus. 

The elite characteristics of products and services having mass appeal and long-lasting impact within sectors such as healthcare, communication services, consumer discretionary space, consumer staples, digital entertainment, etc. should also be evaluated.

Diversification may play a critical role in managing the overall risk profile. Therefore, presenting research insights on stable businesses with proven ROE generation capability, strong fundamentals, economic moat, innovative customer solutions, decent upside potential, coupled with trending themes are primary aspects covered in Kalkine's 'Global Big Money Research'.

To summarize, Kalkine's research aims to analyse mid-cap and large-cap space in general. The research is crafted in an easy to comprehend manner providing deep insights on businesses after prudent assessment of sectoral trends, global demand and supply scenarios, fundamental analysis, outlook, potential, technical trends, and associated risks, etc.

Contact details- honey.bhargava@kalkinepr.com