Kalkine Launches Offering for its NZ Equity Platform - 'Sector Report'

Kalkine Launches Offering for its NZ Equity Platform - 'Sector Report'

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, April 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Kalkine has launched a quality product for individuals with the right form of research for sector-specific stocks listed on NZX. Below are the driving forces of this report

  1. A Guide to Leading Sectors in New Zealand and Stocks of Choice: There are about 11 key sectors in New Zealand with Healthcare and Utilities contributing ~30.97% and ~20.43%, respectively, to S&P/NZX 10 Index.
  2. Unveiling Resilient or Defensive Stocks under one Crest: In times of uncertainty, different sectors perform in a different way reacting to any market impulse. For instance, it has been lately seen that S&P/NZX All Financials Index (Gross with imputation) was down significantly along with Information Technology Index against the relatively limited drop noted for Consumer Staples and Utilities Indices. The sell-off trends across many sectors vary and the defensive ones are managing to limit the fall. Then a few sectors, despite headwinds, showcase pockets of opportunities - for example, S&P/NZX All Health Care Index indicated for opportunities like Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited with stock gaining ~27.67% in about three months.
  3. Stitching the content through Regulatory Framework and Government Policies: The role of regulatory frameworks and government policies will be crucial to be stitched with the sector-specific movements in order to take investing calls, and Kalkine's report will touch-upon these aspects.
  4. Help individuals make a choice: Kalkine, thus, aims to help investors pick from the space and stocks from a diverse bucket. Kalkine believe that deeper understanding of the growth drivers for a sector can help investors in taking informed decisions in a timely manner.
  5. Help individuals navigate through fluctuations: Since some sectors are being hampered because of short-term trends, Kaline's focus is also on keeping the investors afloat and guide them how to weather the headwinds in a sector-specific manner.

The company understands what they offer: Kalkine knows the relevance of specific information pertaining to different sectors and the company advise investors on how to sail through the volatility in the broader market.

Kalkine understands the equity needs from a wide spectrum of investors - beginners to deep-seated market share owners. The company believes in helping individuals make crucial decisions in a competitive and/or complex equity market.


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