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Karen Corcoran Walsh Launches Scholarship for Mental Health Awareness

The Boca Raton Mental Health and Substance Abuse Therapist Launches Scholarship Fund for Current Students Who Wish to Work In Mental Health

The recent pandemic has not only taken a huge toll on many individual’s physical health but has also left a mark on one’s overall mental wellbeing. It doesn’t come as a surprise that a huge stigma remains when it comes to mental health. Many people still lack the proper awareness and knowledge of the subject matter making it difficult for most people to understand and empathize with someone experiencing a challenge in mental health or wellness. It is preferable for each of us to find alignment and synergy between one’s state of mind with one’s physical health. Having a fit mind and body is a balance of that which is known and that which has yet to be learned.

No one understands need for mental health awareness better than Karen Corcoran Walsh, as she has made it one of her life’s goals as she strives to spread awareness for mental health and remove the stigma surrounding it. Mrs. Corcoran Walsh is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University holding a Master of Science degree. Additionally, she is also a registered Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience working with children of all ages from preschool to senior high school. Her life-long career includes working with adults from the ages of 18 +. Karen is also the owner and co-founder of a prominent teen rehabilitation facility aptly named Inspirations for Youths and Families and an adult therapy program called the Cove Center for Recovery.

Having spent many years working with patients who suffer from poor mental health and are still scared of the stigma surrounding it, Mrs. Corcoran Walsh has taken steps through her achievements, to improve the state of mental health while also providing channels for mental healthcare and recovery. As of late, she has taken another big milestone in her journey of bringing awareness to mental health through her scholarship program, the Karen Corcoran-Walsh Scholarship for Mental Health Awareness, which she recently launched.

This scholarship program not only is part of her goal to spread awareness of mental health and wellness, but is also a call of action for aspiring therapists who share the same sentiments as her. Her scholarship program is primarily geared towards students who strive to become future therapists and need additional funds to make their dream come true. Having also been a former school teacher, Karen Corcoran Walsh not only understands how difficult life can become as a student with unstable income and funds but also the toll it can have on one’s mental fortitude and endurance in pursuit of higher education. Through her scholarship program, Mrs. Corcoran Walsh hopes that she can not only improve the academic life of students but also encourage students to embrace and pay forward, the value of helping others endure and succeed.

For details about the scholarship, visit the official Karen Corcoran Walsh Scholarship Website for all the information about how to apply.

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