Ke Finance Partners with to Launch Online Consumer Real Estate Financing Services in China

BEIJING, Dec. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ke Finance (also known as Beike Finance) is partnering with to enable China's real estate consumers to access Ke Finance's comprehensive offering of consumer real estate financing services.

This partnership expands the range of comprehensive financial products available to customers, with services ranging from home renovation and rentals to mortgage related products. Customers benefit from a user-friendly single platform experience that is superior in speed and broader in selection compared with bank-provided loans.

In this strategic alliance, Ke Finance provides the financing solutions powering's portal, which provides an open, technology-driven service platform for real estate customer acquisition. is expected to be accessible to 200 million households, while linking over 1 million professional brokers and over 100 agency brands. In the partnership, Ke Finance will provide the platform for financial services, including loans, payment, and escrow services.

Ke Finance and are both independent corporate spinoffs of China's leading real estate company Lianjia. Lianjia controls over 10% of China's real estate market with transaction volume over 1 trillion RMB per annum.

In this partnership, Ke Finance leverages its technological capabilities to provide comprehensive and scalable financial services. With customers' consent, Ke Finance captures a variety of structured and unstructured data, credit data, housing valuation, financial statistics, and user lifecycle needs. The critical data is used by self-learning algorithms and helps the partnership to deliver and improve its pipeline of targeted products for its customer base.

In a representative financing scenario, Ke Finance may provide solutions for both sides of a housing transaction, helping enable the overall sale. The seller may be seeking a quick sale on for near-term cash flow, while the buyer may need several months to close a loan through the traditional bank lending process. Here, Ke Finance, in cooperation with financial partners, can bridge the gap by providing a short-term loan to the seller while the buyer's mortgage is being approved. Additionally, the new buyer may look to renovate the home while also looking for a place to temporarily rent during renovations. Ke Finance, through its partners, could help the buyer by securing a loan for these renovations and rental. As all transactions and secure escrow services would be handled within the and Ke Finance ecosystem, both parties would benefit from an efficient and seamless transaction process.

"We have established an innovative and recognized firm position in the housing market with our fintech-driven services," explained Ling Kong, CEO of Ke Finance. "Through this partnership with, we can provide value and service to our consumers with well-designed and accessible housing financial services."

About Ke Finance

Ke Finance is the leading consumer real estate financial service provider in China having served 1.3 million customers. Ke Finance has enabled 700+ billion RMB in escrow transactions plus 300+ billion RMB in financings. Starting out as Lianjia Finance in November 2006, and independently spun out as Ke Finance in March 2017, Ke Finance provides full range of residential real estate financial services for buyers and sellers throughout the selling and leasing cycle. Ke Finance aims to improve life for all its clients through appropriate products, innovative technology, and quality service. With over 1,800 product technicians and financial advisors, Ke Finance covers 95 cities and regions across China.

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