Keep an active lifestyle with BookDoc ACTIV and be rewarded by new collaborating partner V Hotel Group

SINGAPORE, Sept. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Collaborating with new partner, namely V Hotel Group, BookDoc Activ now promises more treats for users who work on staying active. Users will enjoy rewards such as discount at all hotels of V Hotel Group, with portfolio of hotel brands such as V Hotel, Hotel Boss, Hotel Mi, Hotel 81, Value Hotel and Venue Hotel.

"We have operational presence in four (4) countries and collaboration with reward partners in twelve(12) countries. The objective of this application is to motivate users to start living a healthier lifestyle," said BookDoc founder and chief executive officer Dato' Chevy Beh.

The feature rewards its users according to their average daily steps which was tiered bronze, silver gold and platinum. Being able to sync with other health applications such as Apple Health, Samsung Health and Google Fit, it enables users to efficiently keep track of their daily exercise and get rewarded for it. By maintaining a high level of activity, users would also get discounts or freebies from major retailers and service providers, may it be at their home country or cross country redemption on monthly basis.

"BookDoc Activ does so through positive reinforcement, and with a low cost of entry. We hope to begin a social fitness movement, bringing in more partners and users, and expand and innovate to encourage even more types of healthy behaviour," said Beh.

Exercising is crucial in preventing short and non-communicable diseases, so BookDoc is urging the nation to stay healthy and reduce healthcare cost while saving money with the rewards gained.

"When the application first started, we helped users arrange their medical appointments, but I believe prevention is better than cure, so that is why BookDoc Activ was launched," added Beh.

V Hotel Group's Executive Director, Ms Carolyn Choo said, "Wellness tourism has been around for centuries and hotel industry definitely play in complementing its' positive development. We like BookDoc app's features: bringing convenience to the public from connecting to nearby healthcare professionals instantly to encouraging fit and active lifestyles in such an innovative way. It is an honour to be able to join forces with BookDoc in bringing more healthy options to the mass."

BookDoc app is downloadable for free on either App Store or Google Play Store. BookDoc will have ongoing partnerships with major retailers and service providers every month for its users. Users will get rewards for achieving an average-daily-step threshold set inside the app.

About BookDoc

BookDoc, with presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand, is an online platform that operates across the healthcare continuum connecting patients to healthcare professionals anytime and anywhere, while incentivising all to stay active.

BookDoc has established an integrated online ecosystem for local and overseas health travellers. The ecosystem allows users to search and book healthcare professionals anytime and anywhere, and integrates seamlessly with navigation (Google Map, Waze), transport (Grab, Uber, AirAsia), accommodation (Agoda and Airbnb) and recommended restaurants & attractions (TripAdvisor) for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience to healthcare appointments. In addition, through BookDoc Activ, it rewards users for maintaining high level of activity by partnering major retailers and service providers that offer users discounts for achieving reward tiers based on activity level.

The company is backed by a diverse group of investors from entrepreneurs to seasoned healthcare and insurance professionals, banker, regulators as well  as  ICT  professionals.  It has made records in achieving the highest pre-seed and seed valuation in Asia Technology Start-up history. It is available online at, App Store and Google Play Store.

About V Hotel Group

V Hotel Group is an established hospitality group in Singapore for more than 2 decades. It has a portfolio of 6 hotel brands, including V Hotel, Hotel Boss, Hotel Mi, Hotel 81, Value Hotel and Venue Hotel, operating more than 6,500 rooms across the country, catering to both business and leisure travellers. For more information, please logon to the respective brand website,,,, and

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