Kids' activewear brand moodytiger launched a worldwide free trial campaign

HONG KONG, May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- moodytiger, an up-and-coming kids' activewear brand founded in 2018, stands out for its high-tech fabrics that ensure both functionality and comfort while looking fresh and active.

moodytiger Breezy Leggings Free Trial Event
moodytiger Breezy Leggings Free Trial Event

Recently they launched their Spring Summer 2022 new collections, together with their upgraded flagship product - Breezy Leggings. And to show how amazing their breezy leggings are, they launched a free trial campaign, inviting 200 kid sport-lovers worldwide to see and experience themselves.

Kids are active and adventurous, and it's important for them to be equipped with suitable sports gear that allows them to stay easy while exploring the world. moodytiger saw the unmet needs and stepped into the picture. They developed a full range of kids' activewear with their high-performance technologies, providing the outstanding experience for our kids along their voyage.

Summer is calling, and it's the golden time for kids to go outside. But the season also comes with the high UV light, humidity, and sweaty feeling, which bring so much discomfort during outdoor activities. moodytiger observed the dilemma and innovated the Brizi® fabric. Their breezy leggings are made of their patented Brizi® fabric, which provides a cool feeling with unique technology and UPF 50+ sun protection function, which can block more than 98% of the harmful ultraviolet rays. So stay assured when kids are running in the summer sun. "Breezy leggings are designed for the summer days, and we also apply this technology to our summer skin jackets, with which we hope to empower our kids to explore the world hassle-free while at the same time stay easy and breezy. Don't ruin the golden days." said the chief designer of moodytiger. 

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While focusing on high-tech innovation, moodytiger is also an eco-lover, practicing ethically when running their business, as seen from their FSC certified packaging and OTEX-100 certificated fabrics.

moodytiger is a brand inspired and created especially for kids, and that's what makes it different. Just as the brand advocates, redefine kids' activewear. They're also shining a light on the new generation, an energetic and adventurous generation who are ready to take the world by storm.