Kids2 Brands Now Available to All Families in China

Kids2 Brands Now Available to All Families in China

Expansion Furthers Goal to Provide Parenting Solutions to Families Across the Globe

ATLANTA, May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Kids2, a global company that designs solutions to help early-stage parents and families, today announces the availability of their portfolio of brands, Baby Einstein, Bright Starts and Ingenuity in China. Expanded availability will begin with TMall and several other online and brick and mortar stores to follow.  

Kids2 is dedicated to their mission of creating products that help families everywhere achieve tiny wins for bright futures. The team produces more than 500 unique products that ignite curiosity and inspire encouragement to make parenting easier. The brand spans five global hubs and sells to retail outlets across the globe, now including the Chinese market.

"We believe all families across the world deserve a bright future and by bringing our holistic solutions to parents in China, we can help create more tiny wins and bright futures," said Ryan Gunnigle, CEO and Owner of Kids2. "Through this expansion we are excited to connect with new families and support parents along each step of their journey."

As global consumer habits are constantly changing, Kids2 continues to expand and develop solutions to meet families where they are, encouraging them all at each step of their journey as a family. Families in China are an important part of the mission as new births are estimated to be around 10 million a year.

As part of their expansion and commitment to quality, innovation and design, Kids2 feels it is essential to have teams across the globe help create solutions that will directly meet the needs of families and thus has offices setup in Zhongshan, Jiujiang and Shanghai, along with a fully owned and operated manufacturing facility, WINVENTION in Jia.

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About Kids2 Group

Kids2 Group is a purpose-driven family of companies focused on creating tiny wins and bright futures for all families. This is all made possible thanks to Kids2 Group's unique community of passionate people and forward-thinking companies that create connectivity and comradery in pursuit of tiny wins for parents and children everywhere. Comprised of world-renowned brands Baby Einstein, Ingenuity and Bright Starts, as well as a privately owned media company, a venture capital firm to invest in like-minded startups, a vertically-integrated manufacturing facility, and various joint-venture partnerships.

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