Kingwood TX Indoor Multi-Sport Athletic Summer Camp For Children Announced

The camp promises to deliver a fun athletic experience for children with an emphasis on fair play and learning the basics of various games. The camp covers the fundamentals of football, baseball, basketball, and soccer with a variety of other activities thrown in to keep things fresh.

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Registration is open just in time for many kids to have their first real summer fun experience as the pandemic restrictions are lifted nationwide. Since so many children missed out on upwards of two years of sports and team-building experience, the camp offers a curriculum designed to get them back on the field or court.

Pediatric studies have concluded that introducing children to sports at a young age can be an effective way to increase coordination and build social skills. Sports are also good for the development of healthy self-esteem as children gain an understanding of loss and fair play through the spirit of competition.

This camp has been created with the children in mind, fostering an environment that balances healthy competition with summer fun. Alongside JC Sports’ traditional sports instruction, the camp schedule includes water balloon fights, laser tag, and more surprises along the way to make the experience memorable.

JC Sports also offers summer league plays in a number of the sports taught at the camp, and the children who participate will be able to sign up for further instruction if they choose so. If not, though, the camp still offers a structured, controlled environment for children to learn and play together while making friends and building team bonds.

Registration is open now for children ages 4-13 for a number of five-day camps throughout August. The activities are fully indoors and air-conditioned, meaning heat-related illness and cancellation due to weather will not be an issue.

The instructors at JC Sports are all dedicated community members and experienced children’s instructors who are willing to put in the time for the children they teach. Their programs are already well known in the Houston area for fostering a spirit of fun, fair, creative play in their students.

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